is anyone still comuting to work in all this snow?

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  • is anyone still comuting to work in all this snow?
  • Hi all. was wondering if anyone is still riding to work? i hav,nt been because of fear of falling off on ice & breaking a collar bone or somthing! Cant wait for the snow to go cause i hav'nt been on the trails for weeks!


    I've been mtbing loads but not commuting. Its the snow thats fallen and frozen and the lack of gritters out that is keeping me on the effing bus


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    yep – conti xc 1.5s on the hardtail. no probs at all yet, though it is only a 2 mile commute!

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    Riding ofroad loads in the snow its great fun.

    Given up on the road riding for a while, due to all the road salt, eating my bike.

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    At work today, drove from Leeds to Harrogate with little bother.


    London's absoulutely fine on the main roads, i only have to tackle a 400 yard of backstreet snow in the morn so i'm still on the road bike. Will get icy tomorrow so might have to finally take the mtb out but the snow certainly isn't getting me on public transport absolute chaos this afternoon.

    my ride to work is 15 miles it would probably be faster riding than geting stuck in traffic & sliding all over the place!

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    yes still commuting in and around Reading. i have been using 1.75 schwalbe marathons at 60psi and have been great at cutting through the snow.

    not sure what tomorrow will bring though if it is going to be sheet ice as the weathermen say!!


    Last couple of days I've ditched the bike and run in, and I did the same the week before xmas, I'm hoping it don't continue too long as I'm knackered!!!
    I would like to thanks the home helps who walked nearly 5 miles through roads that were unpassable by car to help my mum and the others in her sheltered housing block, unbelievable stuff!

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    I'm still riding in, 4 miles from Heaton Park to Manchester, easy. on the mtb with michelin 2.0 xc at's


    I commuted on Monday, 15 miles each way across the Quantocks -4c and pitch black ice right across the road in several places and that was enough for me. Roll on spring time.

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    Yep, on the road bike too!


    Not a chance. Conti GPs don't mix with 2 inches of snow on Ice. Mid Wales unclassified roads which font get gritted and a lot of steep hills


    For some reason I've just started cycling to work. In my head it makes sense, for the following reasons:

    a). Generally avoids traffic chaos (I get home even if it dumps down 6" during the day)
    b). Last minute training/punishment before the 'puffer
    c). Some sort of new year resolution…


    I commute 11ml each way into Leeds and back, fine but hard work, it's all the cocks in cars that are making me think about using the train in the morning, tho i will ride either end of the journey.


    Still riding, don't want to drive, the roads are chaos when I get to town. Coming home the long way, ungritted way as it's so much fun. Using Panacer Fire XC Pros as my road tyre for the last couple of weeks, Tioga XC SLs for the deep stuff at weekends.


    20 miles each way for me today.

    Off road obviously.

    Although the main road from home to work is gritted, so I'd have been fine on the road bike (and saved myself 4 miles either way), but I just love riding in snow.



    Yep, 5 miles each way. I did it on my commuter today but had to walk/run up most inclines as I was on slicks running 42:14 gear. Tomorrow I'm on the mountain bike with a more sensible 32:18. I'm taking lights and setting off early. I don't expect it to take me much longer but I'm going to do a few extra bits on the way.

    Absolutely deserted in Newcastle at 5pm this night. It was eerily quite.

    I can't get out and ride as much when it's like this but the commute this morning felt like a good 20miles trying to push through the soft snow.

    oh yes please! 20 minutes each way and some of it off road :O) perfect for the singlespeed.

    i live round the Newcastle area jonb. my ride to work is from whitley bay to ashington i am really debating riding tomorrow cause it took 2 hours to get home in the car! The roads where mentel!


    rigid single speed with chunky tyres…perfect for an 8 miles commute across london in the snow :o) very satisfying to cycle past Looooooonnnnngg queues of cars and watch others slip and slid on the hills.


    Not commuting but I'm doing my usual "fitness" road rides in the snow. Not too bad really, a few slips but I haven't hurt myself yet!

    Premier Icon cuckoo

    11.5 miles (each-way) mostly off-road and on quiet (this morning deserted) back roads 🙂


    yesh, ditched the car though its stuck on my drive, so i'm biking to work instead, two days so far and no fall 😀

    *touch wood*


    I'm still commuting. I had my Enduro in today and yesterday, but I'm back on my singlespeed for tomorrow's fun.


    Of course, road bike every day so far!


    My only way in to work on tuesday was on the bike. The only three staff who made it in to work before lunch were all cyclists. I was quite smug about that little fact. However, when I came to ride home again, I realised that without the tracks left by the odd motorist who had ventured out, it was a hell of a lot harder going if not just imposible.


    Another yep. 700c 32mm on the CX bike, yesterday waas abit squeaky bum as the snow was still falling but since then it's been fine and dandy, not much slower than a snwo-=free commute

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    Snow is generally Ok, it's the ice that's the problem. I came off on black ice the Mon before Xmas and still have the bruises below my knee and on my thigh now to show for it. 😥 Prefer biking to driving when the weather is like this for lots of the reasons above, but confess to being a bit timid after the off cause it blooming hurt! Just go careful.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I've been commuting on the Soul since about the 20th of December. It's either that or motorbike so for me it's not still commuting by pushiron despite the weather, it's only commuting because of the weather. Still, I know I'm going to get home at the end of the day, it's like commuting by tractor :mrgreen:

    My proper commuter on its slick 700cs is decent enough with snow but it's completely hopeless on refrozen ruts and footprints…


    Yep, still commuting to work on the bike – 4.5 miles each way. Swapped the SS commuter for the more sensible 32:16 P7 SS today. 6 inches of snow makes even the towpath interesting – much more fun ride into work this morning than usual! Only 4 people in work today, the other 3 walked so I got the satisfaction of the only tyre tracks on the office driveway.
    Absolutely no chance I'll take the bus, whatever the weather.


    yep every day..not been that deep but was big drifts last week…around 1 ft deep..easy on pugsley though..just eats it up,even frozen untreated ruts…amazingly good on ice too..pressure down to 6psi…just have to be far stayed upright.. 🙂


    yep, still on my 23mm slicks road bike, though it was -11 tonight on the way home

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    Who saw C4 news last night? Great helicopter shot of a MTBer tanking along, off road, in the snow.

    Premier Icon el_boufador

    Yep – off road every day this week so far – lots of fun 🙂


    Still trundling in here. Snow's fine but the Xmas ice was impossible. Fell off once on xmas eve on sheet ice you can't even stand up on. I'll be glad when it's all over but there's no sign of a thaw for weeks!


    yes, but most of the route is off road & canal paths while its silly on the roads.

    Seen a jump in the number of bikes using the paths too since the snowfall.


    Decided to run the 8 miles this morning, mainly because of the idiot car drivers on the road.


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