Insurance for an unoccupied bungalow.

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  • Insurance for an unoccupied bungalow.
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    Whatever you do, dont install any copper pipes or electrics until the last possible time, as they will get nicked, same with tools and boiler.

    Also beware of the lead flashing, on the roof around the chimney, a whole street had the lead flashing nicked off their porches a few weeks ago round here, and the houses where occupied.

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    You’ll not struggle getting cover but will be restricted to FLEA. To make up the difference you may want to obtain a contractors ‘all risk’ policy.

    Afternoon all , need to insure a bungalow that I have bought to modernise and either sell or rent out in the future. Looking at 12 months buildings insurance while we get it ready , can anyone point me in the right direction regarding insurance. I`m led to beleive its more expensive due to being unoccupied? cheers in advance for any help.

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    Try DMS – they should be able to tailor something for you from their self-build or renovation products.

    Thanks for replys will follow up tomorrow, didn’t realise what a nightmare it is.


    If you struggle to find an insurer try Holmans, they can be good for risks of this nature…

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    You can hire remote battery alarms from companies like SiteXOrbis that they will monitor for you and let you know if there is an activation. This type of security can help reduce premiums and risk generally. They also do scaffolding alarms and CCTV which can be handy if you are in a bad area.

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    Try Adrian Flux, I’ve just insured an unoccupied house through them.

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