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  • Inov8 Shoes – fitting
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    Does anybody have a pair of these? How do they size up? Is an 8 really an 8, or do they come up big/small etc?

    I’ve heard people sometimes have issues with heel fitting – any more to offer?


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    I’ve got the 290’s and the Mudclaw. They tend to be true fitting, I’m a 10 in them and 10 in Asics/Nike/Adidas etc.

    Unlike Walsh which are about 3 sizes different!

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    Did you have any ‘heel’ issues?

    I have nike shoes at the mo, but finding myself nearly on my ass when taking part in an increasing amount of orienteering – hence the interest.

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    I use them – the Flyrocs for adventure racing mostly although have a few pairs.
    They size about right really. The heel cup has a thin layer of cover on it and is hard (plastic?) inside so they can ag you if you have heel spurs or something. I hadn’t had problems until my recent pair which gave me a wicked hotspot on my R heel – never blistered but really sore. I just had to MTFU and ignore it. Identical size and model to all my other pairs (i’ve got 3 worn out pairs). The only other thing (for AR and specifically expedition races) is they have **** all protection to your instep so expect bruised feet if you are walking over rocks a lot – ouch.

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    I wear size 9 normally, and size nine Mudclaws. The heel cup is fine for me, but I know others for whom it was crippling. One tip is to soften it over the steam from a kettle, then pop the shoe on (being careful not to burn yourself) and shape the heel to your foot.

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    Yes, I had minimal heel probs but a friend really suffered.

    I’m using Montrail Highlanders now – not quite so ‘hard core’ with a tiny bit more cushioning but suit me perfectly.

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    For all those mentioned, yep a true fitting – get whatever you take in a normal shoe. Only ones which are a bit different I’ve tried are the PKs which come up 1/2 a size small (at least they did – mine are some of the very first ones of these, and I suspect sizing may have been brought into line).

    Despite having huge heel spurs which give me a problem in any shoes (played canoe polo at a high level for many years with bare feet against a composite hull), the only Inov-8s I’ve had an issue with are Mudrocs – everything else has been fine, or if anything more comfy than other shoes. AFAIK it’s Mudrocs which most people have had issues with as the last seems to be slightly different – Mudclaws are vastly better.

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