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  • Bucko

    I’m 5’9″ with a 30″ inside leg and I ride a 16′ Inbred. To be fair I have never eat on an 18″ but I get on great with it. You’ll have a lot of seat post showing when it’s up but then when you need the seat out if the way it obviously isn’t a problem. Inbreds have quite long top tubes IIRC so bare that it mind.

    I think if I wanted the bike for more fast XC racing type stuff then I would have tried an 18″.

    I hope that helps a bit

    I’m thinking of a 29’er rather than a 26″ frame.


    Dunno whether the 26/29 wheel size makes a difference, but I’m 5’6 with a 30″ inside leg and ride a 16″. Mate of mine is almost identially proportioned and also rides a 16″.

    A friend of ours who is nearer 6′ rides an 18″.

    All 26″ wheels though…

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    I’m looking for guidance on sizing on these frames?

    Looking at the On-One website it suggests an 18″ frame.

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    5’9″ here, & this is how my 16″ Inbred (26″) looked…

    IMG_7458 by pten2106, on Flickr

    And this is how my 18″ Inbred (29″) looked…

    IMAG0282 by pten2106, on Flickr

    At 5’10” I’d say 18″ for sure, with 70mm stem.

    Edric 64

    Regarding frame size against wheel size your arse is the same distance from the pedals regardless of wheel size and if the bottom bracket height is the same your feet are no further from the floor either .So I would buy the same frame size for a 29er as for 26 inch wheels

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    5′ 9″ here and on a 16″ Scandal 29er. Probably a smidge too small but then if I’d bought the 18″ I probably say that was a smidge too big ๐Ÿ™„

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    scotroutes – Member
    dickydownes ยป I’m looking for guidance on sizing on these frames?
    Looking at the On-One website it suggests an 18″ frame.

    To be fair to the OP there is an over lap in the sizes.

    Rider Height Inside Leg Suggested Frame Size Stem Length
    5?6? to 5?10? 28โ€-31โ€ 16โ€ 40-60mm
    5?9? to 6?1? 30โ€-34โ€ 18โ€ 40-60mm
    5?10″ to 6?2? 32โ€-35โ€ 19.5โ€ 40-60mm
    6? to 6?5? 33โ€-38โ€ 21โ€ 40-80mm

    I’m looking for guidance on sizing on these frames?
    I’m 5′.10″, 30″ inside leg.
    I’ve read a few comments of going for a 16″ frame (from someone who used to work there?), and others who suggested an 18″ frame.
    Looking at the On-One website it suggests an 18″ frame.
    Anyone who has one care to give advice?

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    Just to add, the 18″ (26″) Inbred I tried fitted much betterer.


    I had a 456 (not quite the same I know) in 18 inch and it was the size of a gate. I’m 5.9.

    5’10 and had a couple of 16’s if i was going 29er i’d go for the 18″

    I built up a 16″ Scandal (same geometry as the Inbred) for my wife. I’m 5’10” with 31″ inside leg and it’s too small for me. Not as bad as the 16″ Marin she had before but the 18″ would definately be the one I would choose if for myself.


    Im about 5’10” and just changed from a steel 18″ 456 to a Ti 16″ 456. The 16″ feels so much more accurate compared to the 18″ but I may need to go for a setback post. There’s only 9mm top tube difference between 16″ and 18″
    Do a search…. There’s loads of happy people the same size as us riding 16″.

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    I’m around your height and originally was looking for a second hand 16″ frame but couldn’t find one at the time. I ended up with an 18″ frame (bought from a forum member), which fits like a glove. The top tubes of both frames are similar, I think there’s only 5mm in it.
    I was worried about the standover as my old frame was supposed to be an 17″ frame but when measured from the centre bottom bracket to the bottom of toptube. So the 18″ inbred measured to the top of the seat post is a lot shorter.
    Anyway, the bike rides great and I’m out on it most evenings and weekends. Which ever one you go for, you won’t regret it!

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    5’9″ and 30″ inside leg here. bought a 16″ Inbred 29er last year. At first I thought I should have gone for an 18″ instead, but after fiddling with bars/stem/saddle and getting my position right I think I made the right choice. I don’t think an 18″ would be too big for me but I like the whole set up I have now inc a smaller maybe more chuckable frame.

    personal though innit, so that could all be bollox for you!!

    Bought an 18″ frame.

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