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  • If you were to make a movie which actor/actress would you have you have in it?
  • Premier Icon jekkyl
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    As above, for a bit of fun. If you were to make a movie which actor or actress would you have you have in it? Say why if you want to as well.

    Premier Icon enfht
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    A young and topless Bo Derek.

    Premier Icon yunki
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    David Threlfall as Frank Gallagher

    Premier Icon coolhandluke
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    Helen Baxendale

    She seems nice.

    Failing that, Charlize Theron would get it. The part I mean.

    Premier Icon peterfile
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    Tera Patrick, because she has such an incredible presence and on screen chemistry with her co-stars.

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon
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    Sasha Grey

    NSFW reasons.

    Premier Icon esselgruntfuttock
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    Tom Hanks!
    Harvey Keitel.
    Steve Buscemi.
    Jason Statham.
    Michael Moriarty.

    To name a few.

    Premier Icon thegiantbiker
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    Samuel Goddamn Jackson.

    That or Tom Hanks. But he’d probably be all sad and make me cry like a baby (see Green Mile for further details).

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Tilda Swinton, being mad. Not enough of that in films.

    Premier Icon jekkyl
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    For me it would be Jeff Goldblum pointing aggressively upwards and Christopher Walken being mental.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke
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    Might recast and pick Tilda over Helen Baxendale actually, although Charlize would still get it. The part that is.

    Premier Icon ton
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    the bloke in django and in inglorious basterds……he played a german in both films. cracking actor.

    Premier Icon lister
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    Premier Icon TuckerUK
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    That elephant man bloke, he made that one cracking film, then nothing.

    Premier Icon athgray
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    Tucker 😀

    Premier Icon takisawa2
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    Well, it would have Gina McKee in it. 8)
    That’s for sure.

    Premier Icon loddrik
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    I’d be going down the Russ Meyer route.

    Premier Icon righog
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    This guy

    Premier Icon chewkw
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    Cate Blanchett – no sure why but I want to talk to her about non topic to see what she has to say. Think she is talking to me all the time on telly … 😆

    Morgan Freeman – to see if he has jokes.

    Clint Eastwood – just to wind him up for a laugh.

    Arnie – just to laugh with him as he is a joker.

    Jacky Chan – to see if I can beat him.

    Late Toshiro Mifune – to see how serious can he be but he’s death.

    All the macho men … I can hear the music in the background “macho! macho! men! …”


    Premier Icon samuri
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    don johnson for obvious reasons.

    Also John travolta dancing and taking his face off.

    Premier Icon colournoise
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    Steve McQueen
    Patrick Stewart
    Lauren Bacall
    James McAvoy
    Hugh Jackman
    Mila Jovovich

    Premier Icon wallop
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    The ginger one off of Zero Dark Thirty. Beautiful and intense. I might turn for her.

    Premier Icon aP
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    Sandra Bullock
    Irène Jacob

    Premier Icon kimbers
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    Brad Dourif
    Elias Koteas
    Christopher Walken
    Jennifer Tilly

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