If you were to buy a dropper…..

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  • If you were to buy a dropper…..
  • steve_b77

    …… for your carbon 100mm travel XC 29er FS with the ability to run internal routing initially via the front mech entry port, but then having to wrap round the BB to allow the cable / hose into the seat tube.

    You only wanted relatively short drop, day 100 to 125 and needed a 390mm minimum post.

    You’ve already got a RS hydraulic sprintloc on the LH side of your bars that operates the fork & shock lockout simultaneously.

    What would you get?


    The one that’s on offer, and has decent backup


    a 120mm brand-x

    I happen to have two of them sat here boxed and unused.
    I can be contacted by PM if this is helpful at all?


    What diameter are the brand x ones you have?
    Looming for silly giant anthem diameter. Which is 27.2 I think

    Premier Icon Northwind

    27.2 is a bugger. I went with a KS i20 because it has a bit more length than most


    For that size KS would be my choice

    I got a refurbed Thomson from Wiggle for my XTC Advanced – similar cable run I think.


    I have a reverb on one bike and fox transfer on the other. Based on a sample of 2, I’d have another transfer. It just feels nicer and has a reassuring clunk in operation.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I’ve a brand x on my carbon HT. best £80 I’ve ever spent.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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