If we can't put em down, why keep setting them free?

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  • If we can't put em down, why keep setting them free?
  • warton

    I just can't understand how someone who has committed so many crimes of this nature is out on our streets, how many more are out there? scary


    cut his f***ing b****x off and make him eat them then hang the bas***d.

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    I find this story rather heartening, in an odd way. This man (with the benefit of hindsight) should not have been wandering about, of course. But he was, and he wanted to abduct and rape some children. This proved to be much more difficult than he imagined, and he failed, after a lengthy knife-fight with an elderly woman. I'd always vaguely assumed that it was quite an easy thing to do for a serious sexual predator. This chap made a total arse of it.

    One possible take-home message is that, even if you children are targeted by a particularly aggressive predatory paedophile, they may be able to escape simply by running away.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    That happened not far from my house. I'd pull the trigger to shoot him.


    Hangings too good for 'em! Bring back the birch!

    actually the very very rare paedophiles like this are a very difficult issue as it would seem they are one group that rehabilitation is very difficult if not impossible. However jailing someone for what they might rather than what they have done is also a difficult thing to do and somewhat against "british values"

    I have no answer 🙁


    I am against the death penalty. However cases like this test my resolve. Locked up for life with no hope of release.

    BigDummy, I can't write what I think of your comments without getting banned!


    Two days before the incident he was put under a court order banning him from accosting females after a sex attack, the High Court in Edinburgh heard.

    So was he allowed to accost females before the order??!

    He should never have been in prison, and before anyone starts baying for my blood, let me finish. The guy is obviously mentally ill (I am presuming this because of what he wanted to do, and the, how can I put this, less than well thought out manner in which he carried it out. He needs to be in a secure hospital, on a section 37/41 (ideal time for this to be implemented now), and a long long long time before he's allowed back into society (dependant, of course, on his response to treatment and robust and very thorough risk assessment work). The trouble with prison sentences is that they're often too short and prisoners have a finite period to serve before release, which unfortunately is not often dependant on treatment recieved whilst incarcerated. I can understand the chop his bo**ocks off comments, but that's never going to happen is it?

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