I just want another Inbred. Simple.

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  • I just want another Inbred. Simple.
  • cfinnimore

    3 year old standard Inbred’s (vertical dropout run SS) looking super shabby and is broken a bit.

    I have decided to ruin the fun of N+1 by buying a new (Singlespeed specific) Inbred.

    Am I wrong to be this boring?

    Edit: Like the people who buy a Volvo ’til it dies… and then buy another one.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    No. Hello no.


    My Inbred’s probably my all time fave bike. Knock yourself out!

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    Boring? Nope.

    If you love it and it needs replacing, then do just that.

    I love my Sanderson Soloist. It’s an 18″. I really could do with a 20″. I’ve bodged some gears on to it to give me an option of SS or geared. If I can find a 20″ I’ll replace the drive side dropout for one with a mech hanger. I keep flirting with a Soul or Solaris. Soul wouldn’t be massively different. The Solaris would mean loads of new parts to go 29er just to satisfy a bit of curiosity.


    Like the people who buy a Volvo ’til it dies

    In the correct hands, the correct model of Volvo will never die. The Catholic church actually suppressed the Gospel of St. Sven of Uppsala who maintained that the Creation was actually 8 days long, not 7 – the seventh day was actually Volday, when god created Volvos…


    The other option is being the guy who turns up on threads saying ‘I loved my inbred and I wish I got another one’.

    I just did the same with my car (Honda).

    Premier Icon faustus

    It can’t be beaten on value for money, so why not? Avoid hype and keep yourself happy, it’ll keep delivering what you want…

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I’m also scared of new things.

    Le Mondeo est mort, vive le Mondeo!

    Premier Icon ddmonkey

    My wife got me an inbred frame around the time we got engaged – I have had it 10 years now and it is now my commuter bike so I ride more than any other bike I own (sadly). It has the rat look but it still going strong. Its an old friend.


    I ride my SS inbred all the time and rarely ride my others – it just works for me


    I’ve stripped the thread off the dropout as well.

    That happened yesterday, thus, the need for a frame because this dropout really really really is on its very very very last legs.

    Boring “get gears” suggestions will be ignored.


    You are all wonderful and Mrs.C hates you.

    Old Inbred is a very dear friend. If it can be saved, it will receive some Project 2’s and Marathons and can bimble me places.

    Bought a horizontal dropout in Fire Engine Red.

    Nee naw, nee naw.

    Now I have to hide throw out the old Carrera Vulcan Frame. 😛 n+1inoneout

    Premier Icon boxelder

    @bigblackshed – I’ve run a Life frame really successfully with a ‘egg-shaped’ ring, giving a magic gear and no tensioner and more recently with a surly tensioner. Before that it was my ‘go to’ geared bike.
    OP – I really notice the extra zing of the 853 frame, over inbreds and a P7 I’ved had recently, but inbreds are great value, as you know….

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