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  • I have a dog shaped hole in my life
  • 5thElefant

    It’s all we can do to stop these two making dog shaped hole fillers at the moment.


    I always look after my friends choc lab when they go away and this summer I looked after her and spent extra time with her as we took her on holiday to be reunited with her owners. I’ve loved taking her out for walks and its been great for my son too. Today she went home and the house feels strange without her and I’m feeling more determined to get a dog of my own. At the moment I’m thinking retired greyhound as I’ve heard they are laid back. So as I miss the doggy threads please share your pics and doggy tales and also tell me how to post a picture from my phone so I can share pics of the gorgeous jess.


    My best mate and the riding mate who is always free and always available. A big commitment if you take your responsibilities seriously!


    my dog shaped hole will be eventually filled in October, and I can’t wait!!!

    Premier Icon DezB

    I miss this dope

    Premier Icon zippykona

    My parents dog. Pedigree mutt.

    Premier Icon chrisdw

    My dog Bess.

    She is 14 now and pretty ill with cancer. Feels like losing a friend. So many great memories tho.

    They are worth all the mess and nagging!


    This was my collie cross who died of old age last year, I’m sure she had a good life, 16 years of running around in the mountains 🙂


    Would you consider providing doggy bed and breakfast to a trainee guide dog? or if you can offer the time at home, provide boarding for their trained dogs? If you aren’t sure you are able to have a dog full-time, it’s an option, but of course you have to give them back / away in the end.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    I still miss my little black sister 15 years on. Happy happy days.

    Premier Icon Clobber

    I love our Labradoodle as a very friendly dog good with kids, but if you want laidback/chilled then have you looked at an Italian Spinone?


    Greyhounds are ace – but…

    They crave company – if you get one, it’ll need to be with you 24/7. Preferably get two, which is pretty easy because many form bonds with other dogs in refuges and then can’t be separated.

    They fart. A lot. And it stinks.

    They’re very often emotionally traumatised – they can take a lot of rehabilitating, if ever.

    The worst thing is they are very prone to cancers. Both the greys I had died because of malignant tumours. Won’t be going through that again.

    That said, wonderful, loving dogs, very laid back and I think extremely good looking animals.


    I love our Labradoodle

    Same with our 2 Doods—-great dogs, very friendly, very intelligent and almost no shedding.

    DO IT
    you’ll almost never regret it.


    Premier Icon Drac

    I was very close to losing mine on Saturday had a long decision with the Vet.

    Then whilst at work I picked a message up from the vet to say the op was a success and it was a foreign body causing issue not anything worse. A bouncy ball.

    Yes that’s the bill.

    But he’s very worth it.


    I’ve got a pair of child eaters – “why are those dogs out without a muzzle?”

    I’m joking, sadly I do get a few old people running to their dogs when im out walking them though. Never so much as raised a lip at anyone!

    They’re an absolute nightmare, and when they decide to do a spot of wrestling it sounds as if the walls are falling down.

    Wouldn’t change a thing.

    Premier Icon chrisdw

    What breed? Looks similar to mine. Never been entirely sure what she is
    All we know is she has a bit of collie in her! A Heinz 57 if you will.

    Mrs Toast

    Benny Lava. Half Tibetan Terrier, half Cocker Spaniel. All stupid*. He’s a lovely dog – very friendly to people and dogs alike, rarely barks, hypoallergenic… can’t believe he came into the Dogs Trust as a stray!

    My boys!




    *This is actually a bit unfair, he’s actually very bright and picks up training very quickly. Unfortunately he’s also very easily distracted andOHMYGODSQUIRREL.

    Premier Icon Ming the Merciless

    Racing the Hound!

    Even the sea gets bludgeoned out of the way in the quest for the ball.

    Our latest edition when she was learning her place amid the pack.


    We lost George to cancer back in July, big big Dog shaped hole in our lives. Gunna be a while before we can get another, as he was such a character.

    Pensive George by z1ppy2, on Flickr

    Premier Icon somouk

    All these pictures are doing nothing for my resistance against the girlfriend to have a dog in our life.

    Not sure what type would be best though, I spend most days at home all day and she works day time shifts. I occasionally have to go away for a couple of days here and there so the dog would have to cope with being along for 8 hours those days.


    Go on then ….


    She may have destroyed the lawn with holes, eaten everything she sees. chased everything we own………. but as a non dog liking person, she’s converted me:

    Premier Icon Alex

    Murphy. All round food stealer and – in his younger days – shoe eater.

    Murphy by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    Still he did have quite a neat trick as a pup 🙂

    Murphy 6 months by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    5 now. Massive part of the family.

    Premier Icon twonks

    Patch…. (The kids named him)

    Premier Icon unklehomered

    Angus, getting his own way, again…


    Sigh…….that is all


    Sadly we had to say goodbye to Max our 10 year old Golden Retriever
    Unfortunately past this saturday from Leukaemia
    Pic taken a day before we had to put the old guy to sleep GUTTED

    Dogs are AWESOME.

    That is a SCIENCE FACT!

    I need another dog. Soon. Pondering a Border Terrier, as it happens….

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Huxley Walk by Hamster, on Flickr

    Huxley being overkeen with the ball again. (He’s on 6 weeks rest due to twisted knee/broken toe injury due to trying to stop from 25mph in 1 metre and turn sharp right).

    Dez what did I miss?


    Some awesome hound pics here folks. They all look spoilt rotten!

    Premier Icon neilc1881

    Had 10 of these running around for the last 9 weeks, they’ll be leaving lots of small dog shaped holes. Still 2 left but it’s looking empty in the run!

    IMAG1144 by neil.d.cox, on Flickr


    Dogs are ACE !
    A loyal member of the family

    A great biking buddy

    Daft as a brush

    Love a cuddle

    And a mans best friend

    Premier Icon thv3

    Great shout on a retired greyhound, any sighthound is a great character.

    We’ve got a whippet and she makes a great running/mtbing pal 😀

    Premier Icon Woody

    The beasts above Lochgoilhead last week 😀

    Premier Icon DezB

    Dez what did I miss?

    She’s ok. Just now lives in a different house from me 🙁


    Favourite activity

    Chillin’ with Shaitan and the new “babby”

    Edit-goddam computers

    Premier Icon unklehomered


    Angus sends hugs, snuffles and an over excited snot in the face. He thanks you for giving a fellow Goldie a loving home and offers a suck on his best raggie any time…


    Cassie and Charlie

    And Charlie having reclaimed his ball

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