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  • I have a dog shaped hole in my life
  • As two well known stick chewers they got a plastic stick and yes it causes much mirth.


    unklehomered – Member

    Angus sends hugs, snuffles and an over excited snot in the face. He thanks you for giving a fellow Goldie a loving home and offers a suck on his best raggie any time…

    Thanks Unklehomered
    Seeing your pic of Angus brought floods of memories and happiness
    Give Angus a big hug from us.
    Golden Retrievers are great.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Sorry to hear that Dez.


    Love a good dog thread! Tara the Lurcher


    I got jumped on by our springer when I got back from work this afternoon. Best thing to come home to 😀


    Go to be a dog owner for a week last month…..we may have had some fun


    Not helping my current dog cravings. Although so many of you seem to live in more picturesque places than I do!

    Premier Icon bruneep

    No he’s not dead! Mates working westie knackered after tackling vermin on farm.

    Then there is my saft dug!


    My sisters collie was a great companion on some big mountain walks, but he died unexpectedly at 9yo. I did a solo dash up Pen y gent on Friday and with time to contemplate on descent I really missed him. By coincidence I saw sister the next day and She mentioned it was 12 months ago since he’d gone.
    On Snowden summit



    Zero, gone over a year now and still miss him a lot

    Wooster and Fitzgerald crashed in the van after a long day on the beach.

    Dogs are brilliant might get another soon.

    Premier Icon simmy

    2 mad Labs

    image by S1mmy1, on Flickr

    The Boss. He’s about 13 and just loves chilling out but still enjoys playing with the Labs although they get a bit giddy and bowl him over. Still tells them off though…..

    image by S1mmy1, on Flickr

    Premier Icon Pridds

    If you are thinking Greyhound then i heartily recommend you look into a Lurcher as they are great dogs.
    Lots of info here
    MrGrim she is lovely, beddlington whippet perhaps? Think i have seen the bath photo before and it makes me laugh everytime
    Here’s Wylie who is now 9 and has developed epilepsy but she is amazing and very chilled/easy company

    iphone 220613 021 by IanPriddle, on Flickr

    IMG_0514 by IanPriddle, on Flickr

    IMG_0532 by IanPriddle, on Flickr

    This is Musket.

    He was 1 of 3 dogs hung from a tree by a rope, and the only 1 to survive.

    He Is the most timid dog i have ever owned or seen, and will take some time to trust people again.

    but he,s a good dog and well worth the effort

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    Why would someone do that? WTF is wrong with some people?
    Good luck with him he’s a lovely looking lad


    Harris the hound sighting his next chase.


    some great pics and love wylie prids what kind of lurcher is she? Its given me food for thought as any dog I get has to be cat friendly and good with other dogs and kids. I’ve been lucky with jess as she’s been so laid back and fitted in and is extremely good natured. I was fixed on a greyhound but am worried about their prey drive esp when out and about. So much to think about and also Mr retro is slowly coming round the idea so I don’t want him to say told you so if it goes horribly wrong


    We lost our greyhound Benny this winter and he was an amazing, gentle, Humpty, great with kids, could walk for hours or doze in a corner with equal aptitude. We would have got another but with the change in temperatures through the year and the change in lifestyle (Leeds to the Alps) we went for a Golden Retriever. Meet Rufus, who is currently breaking hearts on a UK road trip.

    Dogs are ace.

    This is Alfie, our Lab x Staffie (taken a few years ago)

    These days he’s a bit greyer around the chops and a bit soggier round the midsection, but still just as full of beans.

    We’ve lost him on a few occasions when he’s gone after deer, one time for a few days at a stretch. Very strong prey drive which we’ve never managed to overcome. He picked up a lot of terrier instincts and very little labrador.

    Absolutely brilliant with our boy though, tolerates all sorts of poking/prodding without complaint.

    Currently feeling very sorry for himself with a split dewclaw.

    He was 1 of 3 dogs hung from a tree by a rope, and the only 1 to survive.

    Makes me so sad and angry, glad your boy is regaining confidence though.

    I have two retired Greyhounds, they make wonderful pets.

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