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  • Premier Icon godzilla
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    I’m looking for a new set of wheels for my 29 Enduro, previously I’ve run Stans mk3 which where great, I’m off to Finale next month and want a tough but not overbuilt wheelset and the Hunt trail wide looks pretty similar with good reviews, have you guys any experience of the Hunts of any other recommendations?

    Thanks in advance

    Premier Icon honourablegeorge
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    Newmen? Paul Aston liked them a lot for Finale riding. Been happy with mine so far but early days.

    Premier Icon hatter
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    Talk to 18 bikes or Moonglu about getting some hand built Hopes or 350’s on a DT EX511 or 471.

    Kinda the default high quality tough trail wheelset and the hubs will be a much better long term investment.

    Premier Icon godzilla
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    I talked to Moonglu a few weeks ago, but they where expensive for DT hope builds and told me the Flow mk3 was discontinued for the Ex3 which is significantly heavier.
    CRC are doing Hope Pro4 on Stans Flow Mk3 for £426 so I may go with what I know, is the xm481 comparable to the Flow?

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    Not sure about flow mk3 being discontinued. 18 bikes have just built be up a new rear on flow mk3 rim. However the design has changed from when they first came out somemore like a mk3.5, gave the rear a real whack on Saturday and they seem tougher than they were

    Premier Icon godzilla
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    I thought they had it wrong like, my mk3’s lasted well, i creased one on a drainage ditch on the B Dale bash but it wasn’t the rims fault, it was years n years ago I asked about rims here and everyone was stans stans stans, Stan has done me wall, from Sunday pootles to world cup DH tracks, thinking about other rims makes me feel like a cheater lol
    I wonder if the Hunt hype is just that, however the price is good.

    Ahhhh wheel dilemma

    Premier Icon fathomer
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    Have a look on, you can get DT Swiss or Hope hubs and a choice of rims for very reasonable prices.

    Premier Icon godzilla
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    Sadly they come on too steep, and more often than crc for similar.

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    I’ve just bought some hunt wide rim enduro wheels but 650b. Must say they look and ride superb and they went up tubeless with a hand pump . Never had that before

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    Hope Pro4 on Stans Flow Mk3 for £426

    That seems like a really good price if you like Stans rims anyway.

    I’d certainly pay the extra over the Hunts.

    Premier Icon Tracey
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    The Ex 511 on DT Swiss 350 hubs look a decent price

    Premier Icon orena45
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    I’ve got the Trail Wide’s on my 29er Rallon. I understand the first gen were a softer alloy so they beefed up the spec for the latest ones to the same alloy as the Enduro Wide to make them stronger.

    That said,<span style=”font-size: 0.8rem;”> I quickly put some dings in mine, front and rear, riding my local rocky trails which I was a bit surprised at. They haven’t lost pressure and still run true but I’ve put some inserts in now to protect them.</span>

    <span style=”font-size: 0.8rem;”>If you’re a hard or heavy rider, or both, I would go with the Enduro Wide if you want a tough Hunt build. Hubs are great though with the quick pick up and they are LOUD!</span>

    Premier Icon godzilla
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    I decided to go with the trail wide, mainly because of cost, plus thy come with spares tape and valves which is handy, the new ones are the same ally as Stans so I’m not too worried, I did think about Enduro wide but im 12.5st and ride lite, I really didn’t want the extra weight.

    Premier Icon poggs38
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    How are you getting on with the Trailwide wheel set on your 29er? I am very similar weight to you. I have a set of 650B Trailwide and Endurowide wheels, but now I am going aggressive 29er. I was wondering, in your opinion if the Trailwide were up to the job, or in Hind sight, should you have sacrificed weight advantage and gone for the Endurowide?

    Premier Icon Stablebarns
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    No surprise Hunt have won some fans, with their attention to market detail, price and speed of shipping. I’ve just bought some 27.5 trail wides. It was a slick experience.

    The wheels are going for their first ride this arvo… so only first impressions available.

    Due to Lockdown, I’ve had all my bikes stripped or partially stripped down and ready forservicing and part swapping. I really wanted to take the chance to inspect the new wheels and compare to my others. I’ve never really been able to sit and play with a variety of hubs and really feel and compare that bite point and the amount of slack. Learned about engagement degrees/degrees of engagement? and all that maths stuff.

    So sitting in my shed, my references are:

    Spesh own brand wheels from a Chisel 29er
    DT Swiss 1900 spline form a Canyon Spectral
    Old Hope pro 2 Hubs (135mm) with DT Swiss rims – Handbuilt LBS sitting on my old Ragley HT
    Old Hope road Hubs Mavic rims – Handbuilt LBS on my Road bike

    WOW, what a spectrum of quality!

    Spesh Hubs are absolutely aweful! Stripped down and looking inside the freehub… they only have 3 pawls!! Meaning the amount of slack/slow pick up, is ridiculous. They also suffer from that impossible sweet spot thing, where I just can’t find a tension between the hub nuts, that allows them to spin and not rattle. I guess the bearings could be replaced, but they’re only 6 months old and hardly abused. Anyway, it feels really Halfords Argos Tescos Amaco 🙂

    Both sets of Hopes feel amazingly solid. Well built, good free spin, no play… But everyone knows this. They will never break, I might even get to give them to my kids one day, if we’re not all riding some new weird array of new hub widths by then 😉
    The Hope engagement is good, but….. there is actually quite noticable slack. Not immediate pick up. I have read this may be aconscious compramise to do with lifespan? Less pawls… longer life?

    The Hunts sits very much at the plush end of the spectrum. It looks good. Simple. Minimal. Obviously no play yet, as they ate new. On the spin, it feels like there is about a million pawls and they’re lubed with silver butter. The hub purrrrs (compared to Hope’s angry rattlesnake) and spins forever. It would seem realistic I guess, to expect a compromise in lifespan. But I have no experience yet. I don’t think anyone can have put a set through the same spectrum of abuse that so many of us have put Hopes through. But I’m a realist, so I expect there to be some sort of compromise.

    I must admit, I quite liked the whole prepackaged choice with Hunt. If I’m honest, I’m not sure I’m really knowledgable enough to make the best use of £300-400 worth of options,with the custom builds. And no body is ever truly free of their commercial ties/sponsorship/deals whatever… I actually really enjoyed the simplicity of Hunt’s options.


    Premier Icon tomhoward
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    Spesh Hubs are absolutely aweful! Stripped down and looking inside the freehub… they only have 3 pawls!!

    To some, that’s a bonus. Apparently.

    Premier Icon dcwhite1984
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    I was in a similar situation at the beginning of the year and bought a set of 29er trail wides after they held up well on my 27.5 hardtail.

    Have to say they havent missed a beat at all, took the hardtail to Bike Park Wales and they are still running true with no dings.

    Im a heavy rider aswell at 95kg’s but the wheels havent batted an eyelid.
    For the price and service you cannot go wrong with the hunts.

    My alternatives were DT Swiss XM421 rims on DT 240 hubs – from a german website that the name fails me now, they came in really well proced but obviously shipping may be an issue at the moment. Crazy how quick the situation has changed due to Covid.

    Get the hunts and you wont be disappointed.

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    CRC are doing Hope Pro4 on Stans Flow Mk3 for £426

    Even if you self build, you can’t beat that price.

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