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  • Premier Icon munded

    Failed to find any online spoke calcs with the Stans Hugo loaded into them.
    Want to build the 29″ version up onto a Hope pro II and have history of ordering the wrong spokes…
    Normally do the proper maths and double check it with Edd or DT Swiss or Wheelpro. Anyone done this build?

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I built pro 2 on Hugo 26. I had some questions, but std Wheelpro lengths did the job lovely. I’ll see if I can find the thread.

    Here we go:

    and, 1st line: “I’ve got a history of ordering the wrong spokes” 😀

    Premier Icon jwr

    Yeah – I’ve done this build. The quoted ERD was pretty much spot on (615mm) and I subtracted the rim’s hole offset (5mm) from the flange distances on the hub.

    FWIW I ended up using 298mm spokes for rear left and 296mm for the rest. Built up just fine.


    Premier Icon munded

    Ta both,
    Sorry, should have said front wheel, 32h.
    ERD from Stans looks good to me too using cut down spokes.
    Wheelpro sugggest 297.5 disc and 298 non disc with 5mm offset.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Whoa there! Did you put 5mm in the “offset” box?

    That won’t give you what you’re after – that’s for asymmetric rims – basically what I was asking about in my thread.


    I did a Pro2/Hugo 29+ wheelset, 32 spokes, 2 cross. All my spokes were 288mm.

    My first wheel build and survived a 50km offroad ramble at the weekend so appears to work.


    Premier Icon munded

    Yes I did…
    Done a doo doo? Once more then… Tried taking 5mm off each side

    Hub diameters Left = 56 Right = 54
    Flange distance Left = 14.5 Right = 29
    Rim ERD 615
    Offset = 0

    Gives 297 Disc and 298 non-disc.
    Appreciate difference is minimal, but like you, don’t want to repeat history of ordering the wrong ones…. delacing wheels you’ve not yet ridden is too painful

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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