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  • How to secure my bike shed?
  • iamsporticus


    WIth all of the horror stories on the forum at the moment Im thinking of beefing up my shed security

    The bikes are kept in a brick outhouse locked together and looped into a bucket filled with concrete with a serious BF chain and lock

    Im happy with the inside but I also want to secure my door as well
    Ive been looking online however all I can find is stuff that looks industrial and prob also just advertises that theres something tasty inside

    Does anyone make a reinforced shed type door that would actually offer some resistance to attack?

    The door opens outwards as it is and the hinges are hidden but its not that tough

    Does anybody know whats available and better still can you post a link?



    strengthen the hinges! – my mates shed door got ripped off at the hinge side, well they actually just unscrewed the hinges.

    dunno how though!


    We were burgled at work a few years ago….we had iron bars set into concrete round all the windows. They simply ripped them out, smashed the window and got in that way. The coppers said if they want to get in they will, whatever you do. The best you can do is to deter the opportunist i.e. don’t leave any doors or windows open and make sure anything lockable is locked when you aren’t with it.

    Your fear about advertising the presence of tasty goods by putting a great big F off door on seems pretty well founded to me. How about keeping a rottweiler in there?

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    Keep some wolverines in the shed. Dye them orange, and feed them on LSD, gin and lettuce.

    Thieves won’t know what hit them.

    And even if they knew that what had hit them had been a dyed, drunk, drugged and starving relative of the weasel no-one would believe them.

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    That’s assuming you don’t have a lot of space in your shed, and can’t get hold of a fluorescent pterodactyl of course.

    Premier Icon BigEaredBiker

    I like the look of those tripwires that fire a blank shot gun cartridge.

    However knowing me I would accidently set them off!


    alarms are good and cheap
    my shed would collapse if you attacked it with a crowbar and even if it didn’t it’s full of clutter including paint tins and plasterboard that will fall on anyone who tries to break in

    why not dig a moat round it?

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Tony martin is probably looking for work, you could pay him to sleep in your shed.


    iamsporticus, just send us an email and ill send you some details of shed security, as i work in security.

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