How to keep a tube on the bleed nipple when bleeding brakes?

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  • How to keep a tube on the bleed nipple when bleeding brakes?
  • Tearing my hair out trying to bleed my SLX brakes.
    I can’t for the life of me get the syringe tube to stay on the caliper bleed nipple. Every time I apply any sort of pressure it falls off and sprays brake fluid everywhere.
    Any tips for keeping it on? I’ve seen a black plastic clamp in some of the videos but didn’t get this with my bleed kit.

    Small zip tie works for me. Or get a mate to hold it on!


    Fit a coil spring over the tube before pushing the tube onto the nipple. Then slide the spring over the tube/nipple. Get one that’s a snug fit on the tube to make it work well.


    Yeah the spring you might find in a cheap pen or undo a paper clip.

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    The Shimano bleed kit comes with a piece that slides over the hose/nipple for exactly that purpose.

    A spare olive, most certainly the easiest of all the above methods.


    The shimano tool is the easiest but he doesn’t have one.

    Small zip tie certainly the easiest from all the above. Everyone has zip ties don’t they? Or just get a mate / wife / friend /acquaintance / trained cat to hold the damn thing on!

    I use oxygen tubing which has a variable diameter. It means you can cut it to the perfect size for a very snug fit over the bleed nipple. I use the same stuff for squirting Stans in through a valve

    Another point to make , although I’m sure you’ve thought of this already, is to make sure to remove the rubber bleed nipple cover completely from the calliper this will give you a couple of extra millimeters to push the tubing on further.

    Also, holding the syringe vertical and not letting the weight of the syringe pull the tubing off the nipple helps. It is definitely wiser with two people but not impossible on your own.

    The Shimano tube holder is a great tool and is something that I am looking to replicate to include as part of our bleed kits in the future.


    Small cable/zip tie works for me..


    Can’t say I’ve ever had a problem keeping the tube on. I just use a nice snug fitting tube….
    Done literally hundreds of bleeds no issue at all.


    Silicone fuel line from an RC Model shop works well – always stays on the bleed nipple. Only a few quid a meter.


    I used aquarium air hose and had the same problem and zip ties didn’t help but got some 3mm clear PVC hose/pipe from ebay which is a very good fit and a 1m length was very cheap


    I hit this problem a few days ago. Turns out that the tubing from a Gunsons ezibleed kit is a nice tight fit.

    Cheers guys.
    Will give some of your ideas a go and see which is best?
    Any of them will be better than covering myself/the floor with brake fluid.


    Hold a lighter to the end of the tube for a few seconds to shrink it around the nipple and get a nice air tight fit.

    I just used some cheap hose I got from B&Q. It squeezes nicely onto Hope nipples. You could use a bulldog clip.

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    One thing to add, there really shouldn’t be an awful lot of pressure… Not saying that’s your issue but a common cause of problems here is just overdoing it.


    Windscreen washer tubing, from Halfords, is your friend.

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