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  • How much does your lunch cost?
  • Mr_C

    I forgot my wallet today and all I had on me was £1.20 in change. Managed to get a cheese sandwich from Asda for a pound (I know, living the dream) but since I get an allowance for lunch of close to a fiver I’m actually the best part of £4 up on the day.


    Homemade potato and leek soup with blue cheese. No work at the moment so plenty of time.


    I have leftovers most days, so the cost is contained within the previous night’s food budget. On the days I don’t have them, lunch here is £2.50 for a choice of baked spud OR soup OR baguette OR normal meal-type thing.

    don simon

    About 2 quid.


    Mr_C – Member
    I get an allowance for lunch of close to a fiver I’m actually the best part of £4 up on the day.

    That’s quality. Not found many companies doing that.


    I make it at home so about a pound at a guess. The most expensive part would be the chicken drumstick or the half can of tuna.

    rice /pasta /beans
    mixed veg
    chicken /tuna


    Jam ‘n’ cheese sandwich – home-made of course – so not a lot of pennies.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Will – you forgot to budget for a creme egg, have you overdosed?

    £1.60ish odd for me.
    4 slices of hovis bread (small loaf bakery made, not from a supermarket)
    2 slices of turkey and a generous spread of cranberry sauce.
    1 clementine.
    1 very small choclate bar.

    This is the lamest one-upmanship thread yet. how come you aren’t all suffering from malnutrition. a 1 quid cheese sandwhich from asda!?

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Pasty, tin of hoops. £1.30.


    At a guess about £1.75

    Tin of tuna + salad, h+b mayo, evoo and oatcakes. And perhaps a bit of yogurt and fruit.

    Food for the day .-
    Orange / Satsuma / Clemantine
    Peach / Nectarine / Pear depends on season
    2 rounds of Sarnies , Ham or Chicken + extras
    2 – 3 penguin biscuits
    chunk of malt loaf or cinnamon Bagel
    Mini Chedders 1 small pack
    Cost , not sure. C £4.00 probably

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    I get £5 lunch allowance too, went overboard today but I did buy water for the week 😉


    12 bottle 500ml water £2.29
    6 wholemeal Pittas(got 3 left) £0.55
    Deli ham 3 slices £1.29
    packet of seed/nuts/raisins £0.89

    total £5.02 🙁

    but I have water for the week in the car and pitta for tomorrows lunch so will be in profit after tomorrow 😀

    ron jeremy

    cereal at about 10am

    various fruit (apples/oranges/bananas)

    peanut butter sandwich for lunch 1.00pm

    flapjacks and brownies about 3.30pm

    tea and coffee all day


    free all provided by the boss at work

    (snacks change daily, crumpets and jam tomorrow i think)

Viewing 14 posts - 41 through 54 (of 54 total)

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