how many women are they on stw?

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  • how many women are they on stw?
  • bionic woman

    i’ve met mama dirt and know Cinnamon Girl and the gang, not on forums as much due to having my new knee put in and don’t want to depress myself too much reading about riding!!! (Gayle from shecycles)


    dgoab, sort it out!!!!

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    Just had a quick look at that shecycles site – looks just like here but with – *shivers* – ‘reason’ and ‘consideration’.

    Can i swap to there, I am quite in touch with my feminine side?


    hey, another lass here. been riding for about 3 years and I’ll keep my age to myself…. just in case.
    Shecycles is up again at – see you there!

    I did go to SHE, but gave up…. due to tumbleweed!

    I’m registered…. but find the Kylie crew annoying!

    [swishes skort] I choose to get into MTBing all by myself…. aren’t I a clever little girly [/swishes skort]

    Ssshhhh… Did you hear the flapping of large feet heading this way; me too – quick hide!!!

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    I have been known to post the occasional thread 😉


    My girlfriend posts now and again, but is a bit lazy so just posts under my username!

    Generally only posts when the subject is horses, tax queries or Lapierre Zestys 🙂


    but find the Kylie crew annoying!

    But you ladies do have the Friday sexy bloke thread!

    I know, I now; there are some on here who think they belong on it. Proper baby-frighteners! 😯

    I choose to get into MTBing all by myself.

    Are you Latvian?


    I lurk a bit, post very occasionally and am also not so keen on this new forum.

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    Just ignore RudeBoy!

    Butterfly – there’s not many of us that didn’t get bullied into mtb’ing by a bloke! Still, it stands you in good stead for arguing with the blokes on here 😉

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    i’ve never liked kylie, sorry

    Tell you what…. there are quite a few women here after all and that’s good to see!

    Though I started of on my own… I’ve ended up with a MTBing BF 😀 . He thinks it’s great that he has never had to ‘persuade’ me to go for rides!!!

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    I’ve been a bit distracted with Simon Ralli’s Flickr project that I havent really got back involved in the new forum. Also rumour has it that I have a thesis to write so minimal procrastinations are good.

    Oh and by the way, I fall well into the 12-26 age bracket at the tender age of 23. Gained a mtb boyfriend (aka p20) post mountain bike bying at 21.

Viewing 13 posts - 81 through 93 (of 93 total)

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