How many Police people did you see this morning?

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  • How many Police people did you see this morning?
  • Junkyard

    About 1000 I would say and about 50-100 cars.

    Then again I am in the regional Police headquarters so perhaps not a representative sample


    There were about 5 or 6 at battersea bridge last night.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Annoyingly, none. It would have been good to have had a car at the junction where I stopped at the red light and the VW Beetle behind me swerved round me, accelerated through it (lights been on red for about 2 seconds by this point) and floored it past the bus that was just accelerating from the opposite flow of lights.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Two-week crackdown in Edinburgh seems to have gone well.

    “Over two weeks, police spoke to spoke to 186 drivers and 129 cyclists. Numbers dropped in the second week of the initiative, which police say shows the message was getting through.”


    I rode back from Clerkenwell down through Smithfileds and through to Spitalfileds at around 6pm last night and I didn’t see one Plod.. Nadda, now’t, nothing.
    It was a grim dull night with masses of bikes on the road and at least 90% of them had lights on.

    Sometimes I do wonder.

    In answer to the OP. Walked from Hyde Park Station to 33 Grosvenor Place (approx 500m) and saw about 40 on Monday gradually reducing to about 20 today (Thursday)


    Friday update:

    Manor House – jovial policeman complete with Movember effort explained in great detail how they hadn’t stopped anyone today as they were all being well behaved, aside from one cyclist who ran the red light (seriously – how could you not notice them?!)…

    Angel – still lots of police there, this morning tickets being given to one Beemer, one other car, a van and a scooter. No bikes in trouble today.

    Near Trafalgar square, one of my engineers with a near miss with a cyclist, just now. He was going round a roundabout and the biker went through a red light and without my enginers quick reactions would have been spread over the bonnet of his van. The cyclist then started hurling abuse at my engineer. Luckily a policeman was watching the whole event. Told my engineer to go and booked the cyclist. I mean, these prats on their bikes think they rule the place at times and tarnish the rest of us.

    2 weeks in. I’ve still not seen a single police officer enforcing traffic!

    I have, however, noticed a general improvment in metal boxes not encroaching the ASL. Not completely gone, but much fewer abusers

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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