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  • How many bikes have been stolen from you?
  • smatkins1

    1x specialized myka + 9* gold rated lock attached! I bought my misses the bike for Christmas to ride… she rode it once and loved it.

    That’ll teach me to keep it in the shed!

    Just built her up a new bike 🙂 That’ll be living in the house!


    0 for me so far. Always kept the valuable bikes inside the house and never leave a bike unattended when out riding (ie take them into the loos when going for a pee, take em into shops if buying something etc)

    Trust no one is my moto!


    A lovely old steel Sumpjumper, and a Kingcycle recumbent – both from Uni when I was a student.

    And a demo Brompton from the shop.

    Oh, and someone who bought an electric Brompton and his cheque bounced.

    3. I grew up in central London so I was always security aware, used Kryptonite d-locks, would take the front wheel off, and look for busier and brighter spots.

    Marin Palisades Trail – my first mtb from the mid 80’s, stolen from locked work shed in early 90’s, only d-locked through frame and rear wheel. Probably an inside job given that the shed contained all the spare kegs for the pub, and the lock was intact, but I couldn’t prove anything.

    Saracen Hardtrax? – all I could afford as a replacement for the Marin since I didn’t have insurance. Stolen from a parking meter it was d-locked to, but I had insurance this time which allowed me to upgrade to a Marin Bear Valley in the mid/late 90’s which had RST elastomer suspension forks. This actually led me to using the bike as a mtb rather than a commuter and pub bike. My cyclist girlfriend was jealous though and bought a mtb mag to source a suspension fork for her Marin which she’d only bought the previous year. That mag happened to have a route in the Surrey Hills which we could reach by train from London, and from that point we rode it most weekends until we started racing in 98.

    Kinesis Crosslight – 2002 – locked with a Kryptonite NY bike chain lock to a fence in trendy Hoxton Sq, Shoreditch, as I was getting to know a girl in a nearby bar. I was gutted since it rode beautifully, I’d built it up myself, I couldn’t afford to replace it, and I could have avoided the loss altogether if I had only taken the bike home first since I lived nearby, but I didn’t do so because the girl might have headed home instead of waiting for me, since we’d already been out to a concert and it was about 2am.

    Something that has always struck me at races, particularly those involving camping overnight, are all the bikes left unattended and unlocked.

    Premier Icon njee20

    People have thought the same at Bristol Bike Fest and Margam NPS, a load of bikes got nicked overnight!

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