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  • How many bikes have been stolen from you?
  • One too many. 2009 Stumpjumper FSR

    Turns out I upgraded and did quite well out of it but it was a hell of a pain at the time (no bike for a trip to Wales the following week) and Wheelies were less than helpful in sourcing an appropriate replacement.

    I’m lucky, ziltch for me.


    1x Marin Muirwoods back in ’96-’97

    1 – Merlin xlm.

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    Just one. A merida Transmission

    Motorbikes on the other hand….. I’ve lost count 😥



    Same bike, twice. 6yrs apart after a 5yr absence the 1st time.

    Wasn’t meant to be.


    Two. My first one, a Giant Coldrock and an Orange P7.


    1, 23 years ago from the garage, I’ve been extremely vigilant ever since…..


    3 for me I think.

    circa 1983, a Puch BMX of some description
    circa 1985, a Piranha BMX
    1999 Trek 7000 hardtail.

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    1. Gary Fisher Sugar 2 – stolen from shed 1999
    2. Yeti 5 – Last year stolen from first floor room while away on holiday.
    3. Cotic Soul – Last year stolen from first floor room while away on holiday.

    IMGP3549 by 100%of thetime60%ofthetime, on Flickr[/img]

    IMGP3280 by 100%of thetime60%ofthetime, on Flickr[/img]

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    Cannondale 3.0, stolen from driveway when I ducked inside for a leak.
    Fisher cr7, stolen from work, recovered, stolen again from work – locks cut both times
    SC Bullit, flat broken into
    Cannondale F700, chained to a disused parking signpost (hadn’t noticed there was no sign on top) – they lifted bike and chain over the top


    One- a BSO that lived in my garden at uni. Brakes that didn’t work, steering that was lose, seized drivetrain and buckled wheels. I use to use it to roll to the gym/shop and on the way back cover in bags and push. Was a death trap in hilly Falmouth. I think they did me a favour!

    2 for me.
    A Santa Cruz Bullit and a Triggers broom of a Kona Munimula. Both went together in 2006 from my garage. Both had been my pride and joy and had been custom built and upgraded over many years.
    I still keep an eye out for them even now.


    gary fisher rig.

    was stolen and returned within a week. – guess the theif didnt like 29ers 😉


    Only 2 for me 🙁
    A team Murray bmx in the early 80’s and a stumpjumper m2 about 10 yrs ago

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    A diamond back thing when I was in the Army. Can’t remember what model it was but was a proper BSO for certain. It’s one redeeming feature was the yellow colour.


    Orange Hitman in 2006 from Cardiff that i’d been building for years and it was my only love at the time. My life ended when it was stolen…
    I still look for it, even now.


    Nine in the past three years, seven in one go 😥

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    One – my first mtb, scott boulder. Brutally stiff fork and skinny tyres made for a “lively” offroad experience but was actually fairly light IIRR. Decent sus fork would likely have transformed it

    Got a far better bike after it and, looking back, prob would have given up on mountain biking if it hadn’t been nicked

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    2 – Battered and mugged for my Grifter XL twice when I was a kid (got it back both times -the bullies who took it weren’t bright enough to do anything other than ride around the approximate scene of the crime on it) and had the other half’s Cannondale F400 swiped from the close whilst we were flitting from our flat in Glasgow.

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    3 I think, all years ago though when I was a kid.

    1 no name BMX, 1 Raleigh styler mag BMX, and 1 Townsend MTB.

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    2 together from my garage.
    A 2008 XT build Meta 55 with Pikes
    A 1st gen XT/XTR build Soul.

    Fortunately covered by insurance but what a hassle.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    3 for me
    emmelle californian
    kirk revolution
    townsend BSO (uni hack bike)
    been a bit more careful since I got older and started shelling out more for them


    1 x Marin Pallisades Trail – early 90s
    1 x replacement Marin Pallisades Trail – early 90s
    (possibly a third Marin Pallisades Trail – I forget)
    1 x Specialized Rockhopper – late 90s
    1 x Sunn BMX – late 90s
    (break from cycling)
    1 x Trek hybrid – mid 00s
    1 x Specialized Tricross SS – late 00s

    I think I’m due another getting pinched and am constantly paranoid.
    The first four thefts were burglary in the North East. The last two were down to badly secured bikes in London.

    Seven, over 20 years. Once from my parent’s back garden whilst I was six feet away eating a sandwich and two lots of shed break ins. The second time was particularly annoying as I had ground anchors fitted and several huge chains / Kryptonite D locks, but had nipped to the shop on my ancient Kona and left all the other bikes unlocked for five minutes.

    Pretty sure it was a neighbour with a rep for being a bike thief but zero proof. He’s locked up now.


    oh, the guy who stole my second bike was found a few years later dead in some woodland. rough justice? I’m not sure.

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    Raleigh Magnum road bike – outside Harpurhey library.
    To be expected really.

    531 road bike . My fault, left in the kitchen with the door unlocked.

    Marin Palisades & British Eagle road bike. From a ‘secure’ garage.

    Rock Lobster. From a locked car, left for less than 10 minutes.

    Pub bike – from outside Jilly’s Rock Club in Manchester.
    Chained to a 350LC, which was untouched.
    No taste, some people.


    Just one, about 7 years ago. Was my first road bike, a fairly cheap Claud Butler with down tube shifters. It had been locked up in the bike shed in my halls of residence but someone had come in with some large bolt cutters and just cleared the place out. Pretty much every single bike had been taken. Bought my first mountain bike with the insurance pay out.


    1 from university;
    It was an Apollo Equito that I bought for commuting to a work placement with. ‘Only’ cost me £180, but I’d made a few choice upgrades and it had survived a 6 month trip to Bavaria bring ridden off road most days and used to ride to work on while over there too. It was stored in an unlocked garage for 6 months while in Bavaria, and regularly propped up outside my accomodation unlocked while I went inside to change. Never a sniff of a problem.

    Then got back to the UK and university for my final yr. I did point out to the Halls office that the locks on the bike shed could be broken off with little more than a screwdriver, but it fell on deaf ears.
    A month or so later I was going to lectures, the door to the bike shed was swinging open so I went to investigate and every bike bar one had been nicked. There was a pile of bolt-cropped d-locks on the floor. Gutted!
    The bike that had been left was a Merlin Malt 1 owned by my neighbour in halls. I think the only reason it survived was because one of the wheels was under her bed as she’d been too lazy to go & put it on the bike!! They obviously didn’t want the hassle of an incomplete bike.


    Has this been done?

    Pertinent to me as I’ve had 7 stolen over the years, some insured some not. The last was a nicely kitted out ’05 Giant Reign which I’d decided to sell, the ‘owner’ hadn’t given me a bean before his house was ransacked and the bike disappeared – turns out he wasn’t insured and is a complete a@@hole and still hasn’t given me a bean…

    1 Dawes Imperial Road Bike
    2 Apollo road bike
    3 Spesh Rock Hopper
    4 Cannondale Super V
    5 Supermarket hack-bike that I’d just kitted out with all my nice spares.
    6 Surly 1×1 that I really miss
    7 The Reign

    Am I unlucky?


    1990 Giant Coldrock, less than 3 months old. Some git popped the lock on the shed. My first ever mountain bike.
    1992 Marin Pine MTN, my fault, left for 30 secs outside WH Smiths in Glasgow Central station. Gone. Never did that again. Gutted at that one.
    None since, touch wood. My paranoia serves me well!

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    a 1979 Puch Murray taken from my garden in 1993.


    2 pushbikes and a hope brake calliper

    GT Zaskar – heavily pimped – insured
    taken from uni campus after I locked it up for 5 mins

    hope brake calliper (not the lever???????) – stolen from my Specialized P3 while I was in lectures (I was using a motorbike chain by this point). The theft caused me to crash into the side of the Uni Canteen on my way to get lunch.

    The rest of the P3 from my dads Garage 1 day after its insurance ran out!!!

    Premier Icon portlyone

    1. Spare parts BSO taken through the whole they’d ripped out of my garage roof.


    1. My 2nd BMX when I was 15. Foolish enough to let someone who I didn’t know have a go on it. He rode it away. Gave chase with a mate on some BSO’s and almost caught them up but the guy kicked my mate and he almost fell off at some pretty high speed. Police we’re useless. Needless to say I never let anyone who I don’t know touch anything I own anymore.

    Trust in humanity = ruined!


    I got stopped and threatened with a knife by 4 guys when I was younger and riding on a bso. Naturally I gave it up.

    Someone tried too steal my Zaskar LE in school. Couldn’t work out the weird gearing I’d set up. Got it back when I tackled him off of it on the school field.(08 ish.. frame 94..). Kept locked away all day.

    Premier Icon white101

    00 rockhopper
    05 stumpy FSR

    these went late last year and the replacement a camber elite has hardly been ridden thanks to a snapped ankle

    and going back a decade or 3
    a nightburner (i think that was it, I was only 13) bmx from my dads garage



    1) Raleigh something-or-other. Chain lock cut while locked to some railings in Bow (East London). It was the worst bike I ever owned and I didn’t miss it.

    2) Rockrider 6.3 D-Lock bust open while locked to a bench outside work in Beeston (South Leeds). I miss that one.

    4 for me:
    -Revolution hard tail from shed
    -Giant from street
    -Kona Harstail d-locked in shed
    -Felt commuter d-locked in shed

    My shed security now consists of:
    -Ground anchor embedded in a bucket-o-crete
    -Bucket-o-crete locked to the wall of the shed
    -d-lock for each bike
    -motorbike chain donated by kindly relative
    -shed alarm
    -bike insurance

    All that effort and my bikes are really hardly worth nicking

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    If I include my old BMX my parents got rid off then just one.
    I’ve not forgiven them.


    1 = 2003 Marin Palisades Trail, about 3 months old. Replaced with a Nail Trail on insurance plus a bit of extra cash I’d managed to save. The Nail Trail frame in a different guise is still my “main” bike… Hadn’t ralsied it was 10 years old until i sat down to think about this… New bike time methinks…


    had a 1996 Marin Eldridge Grade stolen in 1999 after i’d just spent £400 on upgrading the forks and brakes… wasn’t covered by the insurance so i lost out big time…

    last Thursday night my Haro DHR was stolen from my shed…

    waiting for the insurance to pay out for this one…


    0, I must live in a very safe area! I also never have my bikes on the back of the car – always in the boot. Maybe not advertising them helps 🙂


    4 in 8mth.
    Boardman pro hard tail (2008)
    Rockrider 9.2 (2011) 3mth old
    Raleigh arilite 400 road bike..
    On-one 456 carbon taken 8 mth after the top 3 went.


    Giant Xtc in 2007,around six months after i bought it

    Then Kona King Last year 🙁

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