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  • how many bikes do you own?? bank balance under attack
  • smoggy

    Race hardtail.
    Hardtail specialized in bits as project bike to build up.


    3 for me too..

    A nice HT which I use all the time
    An old merlin ht that I’m going to SS (which has been used as both my only bike and then as a geared commuter)
    A ribble which I’m going to use for triathlons 🙂


    Geared 26er
    Road bike
    Folding 26er commuter
    Hub-geared Rat Bike commuter


    MrTall – Member

    So that’ll be ten then. I tend to hoard them as selling big bikes is not hugely easy. I own the Mrs’ bike really as well as i bought it in the hope she’d ride it which she very rarely does.

    Thankyou indeed MrTall thats exactly how to get round the SO i’ll tell all the bikes i ride were actually bought for her, the plan is foolproof………


    Inbred Rigid SS (which needs a tensioner as it dropped the chain about 30 times in 3 miles yesterday).
    Ti 456 (which is the most used)
    Prophet (with 2 sets of forks – Domains and Float 32’s – for DH or XC when my backs playing up!)
    Scott Sub 20 for commuting.

    Probably have enough parts to build up 2 more frames but just wouldn’t use them as my 456 seems to do most things 😀

    Would like a 456 Summer season to stick my domains on though…

    And a 2nd hand DH bike for the couple of uplift days I do a year.

    And a proper road bike.

    And a Scootech. (Anyone know where they sell these anymore, used to have loads of fun on mine until I snapped it dropping a flight of stairs!)

    And a new motorbike.

    I’ve worked out the other week that my bikes cost almost twice as much as my cars 😯


    On One 853 SS
    One One ‘Original’ Tinbred for XC race duties
    Trek Top Fuel bouncy race machine
    Orbea Orca Carbon road bike for road racing stuff
    Ridley Triton trainind/winter bike

    Premier Icon D0NK

    too many/not enough

    the problem with having lots of a few bikes is that pretty much every ride you will spend some time thinking “this bit would be easier with x bike” and that will make you sad.

    I know it’s “the rider not the bike” but there’s a reason suspension is called skill compensator same as there is a reason anyone who has to pedal lusts for lightweight. The right bike on the right trail will get you further/faster than the wrong one.

    there are lots of good arguments for having a few different bikes but there just as many for having one all rounder and making do with it (it’s probably a lot more zen too)

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth


    Rigid SS
    Road (winter/commuter)
    Road (race)
    SS CX

    I want to build a geared CX bike for racing next year. However, I just don’t need (or really want) 7 bikes.

    Track and SS CX will go. Five will be a better number, though three would be ideal.


    1 and 1 on the way as I couldn’t resist the Boardman Pro at £900.

    Both are 100mm xc hardtails but the current bike is my off road commuter and the new one will be my weekend and extend commutes in the summer bike. I’ll probably put my Pace rigid forks on the commuter and then with the Rohloff it will be virtually maintenance free. I might put the current Rebas on the Boardman and either put the new forks away till I need them or sell them.

    Premier Icon portlyone


    Commuter, Rigid SS (made from spare parts)
    XC, Chameleon
    AM, Heckler

    Premier Icon Haze

    4 – Cotic Simple for off-road, Focus Cayo for on, Charge Plug (fixed) as my commuter and a Specialized P2 (fixed) as my pub bike/general run about.

    Would love to add a CX but I don’t think it would go down too well…


    This thread is frightening 😯

    I’ve been getting rid of a lot of stuff as I’m moving, but when I read the OP’s question I wasn’t sure…now I am!

    A couple are frames/framesets only, but I also have the components to make into full bikes 😳

    17.5″ Genesis Altitude Ti titanium frame (2009) – for sale
    19″ Genesis Altitude Ti titanium frame (2010) – not for sale
    18.5″ (actual) Trek EX9/ Rockshox Rev. Team frameset (2010) -for sale
    Haro Mary XC 29er hardtail (2009) – not for sale
    19″ Merlin Team Ti titanium frame – not really for sale…although it really should be!
    Santa Cruz Tallboy x2 (2011) 1 black (finished and not for sale) and 1 orange (frame/ monarch 3.3 only) and probably for sale.
    Vintage 56″ Raleigh Royal SS (Reynolds 531)with rear at 132.5″ – same as Merlin as most things are already in storage and it’s getting crowded!
    That makes 8 and needs to be whittled down to 3 or 4.

    No wonder there’s no time to ride them atm, too busy working to pay for them…. 😐

    Premier Icon kennyp

    Half built singlespeed project.
    Old bike just used on turbo now.

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