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  • How many Beers can you ride with
  • Off road I don’t enjoy at all – a mid ride pint makes the next hill massively hard work. A pint of shandy is about as much as I can manage.

    On road in London I seem to be good for about 2 pints feels fine. 3 a bit interesting though the exertion seems to do a good job of sobering me up. More than that gets a interesting in a bad way. Riding a regular commute like this is on auto pilot – you know all the danger areas and ride defensively through them.

    It kind of feels the same as helmets and riding off road generally – the chance of hurting anyone but myself is negligible. Driving a car after any more than a pint and a half I consider a complete no-no for the opposite reason – I’m more likely to hurt someone else than I am myself.

    An unknown route is a bit different. 6 pints one night in West London should have seen my home to Brixton in 45 minutes or so (it wasn’t that far from my normal route). 45 minutes later I was 1km west of where I’d started. Still don’t know how.


    Ride what ? As clearly the answer will be a factor in how many beers are required.

    once on hockey tour in bognor regis, i got well and truly slaughtered, i woke up in my tent covered in cuts and bruises. it appears i stole the 14 year old glass collector from the clubhouse’s bike forcing him to walk home that night and proceeded to fall off several time on the 1/2 mile cycle back to the campsite.

    luckily someone heard of my exploits and came to recover the bicycle on behalf of the young guy. saving me from any further embarrassment.

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    Don’t drink and ride per se but occasionally have a couple of beers at the end of the ride then just roll home. Several of the evening rides I’ve been on with MrSparkle of this parish have ended up with a very drunken ride home, due to our location this can involve quite a long “roll home”. None technical offroad routes so I’ve managed without incident so far, crashing is less of an issue than just stopping and staring at the stars/views/wildlife and thinking “woah how cool is that man…” like a pissed up idiot.

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    As a student – 4pints would be a good amount for razzing around London at night. Any more and I’d have a habit of going for a long ride instead of riding directly home. Something about the empty roads of the city in the early hours of the morning that appealed back then.

    Now I’m a proper grown-up – zero, except maybe 1 then a short roll home at the end of a night ride.


    being caught here in Germany whilst pissed on your bike can cost you your license

    You need a licence in Germany? 😯


    3 of us got on Boris bikes after the last England SA test at lords and cycled back to Euston.

    One of us hadn’t ridden a bike in about 10 years, it was awesome

    fatsimon mk2

    rode home from a party when younger got pulled over by police apprently i was weaving inbetween the white line where as i thought i was following double yellow lines,empty road luckily!! got threatened with drunk and disorderly in charge of a bike walked home.

    well till they were out of sight

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    A pootle back from the pub on or off road is fine. After my student days I try not to GO FOR IT! It ends with road rash and soreness.

    I would contemplate all off-road riding after a couple but if it is technical and dangerous no more than 2 as I don’t want to kill mnyself.

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    Had a cracking ride in the Tweed valley last May, finished of with s few beers and then to a curry house for a stupid amount of rum

    Wobbled back to the accommodation and filled up our packs with more bottles of beer

    Even filled up one of the bladders with beer & rum (that’s how smashed we were!)

    We then rode up to the top of Glentress, had a couple more beers and then hammered down the red & black run

    Somehow, we all survived – no idea how 🙂

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