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  • How long to wait about a job app?
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    Job application deadline was 2 months from start date. Now 6 weeks away and not heard anything about an interview (positive or negative). If interviewed and offered (hah!) it would involve moving to a new country, so I’m keen to know ASAP either way! Wondering whether I should follow up my application with a chasing email or am I being unreasonably impatient?

    STW advice…commence!

    Shy bairns get nowt. Get it chased.


    I often wonder if this is part of the process to weed out those who are not that interested. As above , get it chased up.


    If you’ve not heard, you didn’t get it. Polite rejections are so last century. Sorry.


    I’m used to IT recruitment agencies so it’s usually fire and forget with applications.

    Gave up working out if the job was real or whether I have the skills. Most of the time the jobs are so badly described or the Agent is fishing to spam some company or other with unrequested CVs that worrying too much is pointless.

    It’s usually a joy when you can apply direct to a company rather than go through the agency swamplife.

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    So, reading between the lines, the applications closed two weeks ago ? I think you are still in the game, these things can take ages esp with big organisation. All it takes for one of the panel to be on leave and more delay.

    Nothing wrong with phoning HR to find out if they have called candidates for interview yet.

    And if I have that the wrong way around and applications closed 6 weeks ago, then sorry you might be in the No pile.

    Good luck !

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    Give the HR team a call and be polite and charming.

    You’re more likely to get an answer that way than with an email – and you may help your cause by showing off your sparkling personality.


    It certainly won’t do you any harm to contact them. Even if you bother them slightly, it’s unlikely that the actual person making decisions will be the person handling your query in the HR department.

    You can be creative too – e.g. tell them you’re going to be in the area and would like to call in for an informal conversation to learn more about the job. If it has already been offered to someone else, they’ll have to tell you. Another thing to try is tell them you’ve been offered something else, but would prefer to work for them so you’d like an interview A.S.A.P.

    I applied for a job at the UN in December 2014 and the position wasn’t filled until June 2015, so in some cases, you might be waiting 6 months. I hope not for your sake. Good luck.

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