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  • How long is your commute to work?
  • Just curious to see how long it takes folks to commute to work?

    How long before its 'too long' and wastes too much of your day, where do you draw the line?

    Does the method of transport influence your decision?

    Currently my commute is 10 minutes in the car or 40 minutes by bike but I am looking at new jobs where the journey could be anything up to an hour in the car/on teh train!


    About 7 feet.

    When I did commute it averaged 100-120 miles (each way). Generally used a car, sometime a bike (no, not one with pedals). Only did that for 5 years though.

    Working from home is less hassle. If I had to commute again by road, that would be fine. I wouldn't commute by train though. That would do my head in.

    EDIT: 3 hours is the point where I start thinking of staying over.

    Premier Icon DezB

    How far is that? 10 mins by car and 40 mins by bike seems a huge difference! Is that on a BmX?
    Mine is between 25 and 25 mins by car (traffic dependent), 35-40 mins by bike (leg fatigue/wind dependent)
    About 11-12 miles.
    Anything more than an hour I don't think I would consider.

    Premier Icon Suggsey

    My commute was 18 miles each way and was doable on the bike most days except in the ice and snow.
    Now it is still 18 miles but through the city centre or 25 miles the nice scenic route. As I work all sorts of weird shifts and start times and never know when I am going to go home I can now only cycle on days that I know are a guaranteed finish before the thieving gits and druggies hit the city ctreets. Otherwise it makes for a very long day with an hours commute both ways.


    15 minutes by bike-some tough climbs/fun hills too.

    3.5 miles and 7 round trip.


    When i'm going to the office it's 40 minutes in the car, then another 30 minutes on the train.



    20 miles each way for the normal scenic route or 18 miles on the direct 'shit I've over'slept run!
    Normally do 12 hour shift work, so 2 days of cylcing in, car for the 1st night shift, then bike for the last night shift with 4 days off.

    However this week I've been on perm 8 hour days , so cycled in all week, and I must admit to being a tadge kippered last night on the way home…


    16.5 miles. It takes me 1hr 15mins on the way in and 1hr back home. I work weird shifts so can't do it everyday. When I have to drive it really, really annoys me. I find nice warm kit, good lights and good food help tremendously.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    8 hilly miles ish each way – I ride a couple of times a week.

    crispy bacon

    I'm a summertime only commuter as the rural roads I have to use are far too dangerous in the dark winter months.

    It's 15 miles in & 15 miles home. It takes 40mins by car & my best time in was 45mins on the bike with a force 10 gale up my chuff. It's more uphill on the way home & my best time was 59mins.


    Mine can be anything from about 35 mins to 1 hr each way depending on the traffic.

    Although when working from our other offices (1 perhaps 2 days a week) it is 4 hours each way by combination of car, train, airplane and taxi. 🙁


    6 miles 5 of which is off road.


    my commute is usaly 10 to 15 mins my bike and 15 to 20 mins by car (cos of trafic… it is only about 3.2 miles.

    Sometimes i take the long way round if i am going on my bike that gives me a commute of 15 miles


    26 miles and 40 minutes by car. Keep thinking I should drive half and ride half but it's a busy A road in a rural area so not so sure about my life expectancy if I head down that road (scuse the pun)


    5 miles, 20 minutes by bike, never driven it, 40 minutes by metro (train) because it involves walking to the station and waiting for a change.


    Depending on weather / energy / state of the roads between 40 minutes and 2 hours+ on the bike followed by between 30 and 55 minutes by train into London and then 5 minutes from London Bridge to the office. In terms of mileage – on the bike it's between 12 and 30+ miles each way, I've a variety of routes on mainly rural lanes through Kent and Sussex so can pretty much tailor it to how I'm feeling or what I want to do (ie hilly, high intensity ride but short distance or longer, flatter ride)

    I've been commuting up to London for coming on 10 years but only been doing the riding part for the last 18 months or so. Previously it would be a drive to the station. Decided to sell the car and get back on the bike and I'm somewhat fitter and a whole lot happier as a result…

    40 mins by car
    95 mins by bike (rare)


    average about an hour driving to do 22 miles each way…hate it….only carry on because I can now work at home 2 days per week.


    45 mins would be my limit. Currently 21 miles 2/3 of which is hilly. Takes 35 mins by car 1hr 15mins by bike.

    My neighbour commutes to London by car, train and tube and it takes him 2 hrs each way- rather him than me.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    17.5 miles each way by bike. A bit longer by car cos I use the motorway for a short section.
    It takes an hour by bike going in (mostly downhill), bit longer coming home (mostly uphill). In a car it can take anywhere between 40 mins aand 2hrs, you never know.

    I much prefer to ride in. Usually do it on road but there is an off-road route too. I used it when it was snowy and I'll use it in summer on the CX but in winter it's too muddy most of the time and it takes about 90mins as well.


    26km each way, can't be bothered to convert to miles for the prehistoric measurements lot.
    As with Crazy Legs, mostly down on the way in and up on the way home. Takes around 40 mins in and an hour home. About 20 mins longer each way offroad.
    Driving takes anywhere from 30 to 90 mins, train takes an hour and a quarter, if connections are on time.

    DezB-I have to go a different route by bike plus I add abit on thats off road to make it a little more fun! No idea on distance…..


    13 miles each way. Ranges from 30 mins in the car when schools are off to over an hour (currently) I could ride that quiker but we don't have any shower facilities


    Basic home->office commute is 5miles. 25 mins on the bike or anywhere between 7mins and 1.5hrs in the car.

    I also do most of my meetings and site work on the bike, so can easily knock up 30+mile days once or twice a week.


    Currently I am doing just under 60 miles each way. It's not great, but luckily is straight down a fairly clear stretch of the A1.
    Quickest time was about 1hr 5mins or so & longest has been about 2hrs (when there's accidents).

    Wanted somewhere close to home this time, but after 6 months redundant I couldn't really say not to the job.
    When the weather starts picking up, I think I will find somewhere 10-15 miles from work & cycle the rest of the way in to get some miles in my legs – but that relies on me waking up even earlier!!


    about 12 miles each way. Takes about 45 mins on average.


    15 miles each way, and usually takes me 50 minutes in heavy traffic on the bike; but in Surrey It's often a re-creation of Deathrace 2000!

    Stumpy01-what part of the A1 is that on out of interest?


    GKW…..join it at P'boro services and go all the way down to Baldock Services…..main slow points are the roundabouts at Sandy & the Black Cat roundabout.

    The 50/60 mph sections don't help either!


    almost 500 metres 🙂


    about 40-50 mins whether car or bike about 25 miles round trip bit hilly.
    Find that about right as it is long enough to always be doing 100 miles per week usually more.


    12 miles between 40 and 55 minutes on average 3 times a week.


    Available options are currently:

    5 miles road
    8-10 miles, mostly off road
    13-25 miles road

    No car now so I'll be riding every day. Loving it tbh, but not well at the moment so having to do the short route 🙁

    I did do a 2 hour each way rail commute for a year and a half, I read a lot but it was still hard work getting in at 9 each night.

    Hehe, there is a ladybird on my mouse 🙂


    55 miles along the M8.

    I wouldn't recommend it.


    50 miles and one hour each way.

    Premier Icon AndyRT

    50 miles of nightmare driving on the M3 and M25, with far too many average speed cameras to make it possible to get home in less than an hour any more 👿


    Mine is 9 miles. 35 mins on bike….between 30-50 in car depending on time of day.

    See 1 STW member on the way there or back most days…


    'bout ten/fifteen minutes, depending on whether I walk or ride. About 3/4 mile.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    3 miles each way.

    It's quite funny, we're moving office to one 4 miles from its current location. Half the staff there live locally, now they're all up and arms about their "terrible" commutes that will take up to 20 minutes, and how this is a union matter. I sympathise a wee bit but FFS, right now they have incredible commuters, soon they'll have very good commutes instead.


    currently live 150miles from work ish, in 5 weeks who knows as that is when i am redundant.

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