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  • How long is your commute to work?
  • atlaz

    Car 25 mins on empty roads, 35 in rush hour. 45 on the SS (without being a **** at traffic lights)


    45 miles each way 120 min plus each day for 130 days a year, travel abroad for another 140ish days

    pop larkin

    40 miles each way on the M6 into Birmingham- on average 1.5 hours each way- been doing it for 15 years -starting to get a bid fed up!
    Sometimes bike 13 miles to station and 35min train ride but needs alot of organisation


    less than 10 mins on the bike, don't even think about taking the car.
    looking at moving and I reckon 10 mile each way on the bike is about right, I'm too close at the mo.

    Premier Icon aracer

    It's quite funny, we're moving office to one 4 miles from its current location. Half the staff there live locally, now they're all up and arms about their "terrible" commutes that will take up to 20 minutes, and how this is a union matter. I sympathise a wee bit but FFS, right now they have incredible commuters, soon they'll have very good commutes instead.

    If it's changing from being a commute they can walk to one they have to get in a car for, that's far bigger an issue than you're making out.


    Currently driving 45 miles each way to my normal place of work but I'm away from home for three days a week for the foreseeable furture now, 150 miles there, 150 miles back.

    If I'm still there in summer I'll be commuting by bike to my normal office, that's 90 miles a day. So I win everything.


    ride bike for just over an hour each way (circa 30k each way)

    Or take the Subway for 1.15..

    Or go by car, around 1.40

    During nice days, I come back via the Hills, and add another 20k to the loop.

    note.. I talk in Km, as it is all in Km here


    15 miles each way crossing the Quantock Hills, I work 12 shifts (2 days, 2 nights, 5 days off) so with an just under an hours cycle each way it makes for a long shift and I don't do it as often as I should.
    But there are upsides:- My commute.

    Premier Icon allyharp

    Mine takes 50mins to an hour by train – involving ~20mins walk to the station (+extra time to buy a ticket), about 14mins on the train, then ~10 mins in the company minibus.
    Or 30 mins if my flatmate drives!

    Premier Icon Smudger666

    Current commute can be anywhere from 20mins to 3 hours – covering the whole of scotland is a right pain 🙂

    however, as of a weeks time, commute is 45 miles (dunfermline-dundee) – all motorway/dual carriageway – should be about 40mins.

    Previously commuted 17 miles to Glenrothes for 12 years – 15 mins in car. When I looked at public transport, it would have meant travelling for 90 mins because of finishing times/bus schedule on the way home 😕

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    10 miles takes a little under 40 minutes.

    Car takes 25 mins or more depending on traffic.


    It's only about 10 mins if I go the direct route, between 2-3 miles. In the summer though I'll go home the long way and ride all the way around the island (Guernsey) which takes just over an hour – 22 miles


    I'm about 3.5-4 miles to the office, depending on route. Usually takes about 8 minutes in the car.

    The office is about 100m lower than the house so on the bike it's under 15 minutes on the way to work and a bit over 20 on the way back.


    8 miles = 10 mins in car and 25 mins on bike going and 30 mins coming.


    61 miles each way….
    Current record is 52mins (not on a bike)


    80 mile round trip
    40 mins -45 mins each way

    currently 13 miles each way.
    45 mins on bike, 20 mins by car.
    twice a week at the moment on t'bike. unless conditions are horrendous.
    spending MUCH more time in the gym this winter – s'pose it's the soft option as I turned 40 in December 😯


    Walk 200m get on bike and thats me at work 🙂


    This thread is inspiring me to do the 25 mile round trip by bike when I change jobs from looking at peoples huge riding distances!

    You guys on road bikes?

    sort of – specialized tricross comp here. stunningly versatile commuting machine !

    Premier Icon Alex

    62 miles each way 2/3 times a week. Try and ride to station (25 mile return, longer in the summer when I will get off "earlier" on the way home) at least once a week.

    Last 6 miles into brum in the car is 'orrid. But I go early/leave early by car so about 1hr10. Bike is more like 2 hours with the train but who wants to get to work early if they don't have too 🙂

    I find it odd that people "move closer to work". I love where we live, and accept the commute although I wouldn't do it 5 days a week. I reckon it evens out with WFH 2/3 days.

    London tho. That's a sh!t. Get up 4:50, get home 20:50 if the train isn't late. Once a week worse case. Grim.


    This thread is inspiring me to do the 25 mile round trip by bike when I change jobs from looking at peoples huge riding distances!

    You guys on road bikes?

    Not sure if I qualify for the 'huge distance' but nope, not on a road bike for my commute. Airnimal Joey folding bike (has to be folding for the train)


    Hour on the bike, hour on the train.

    About 6 minutes off-road downhill on the bike (in the car it takes up to 15 minutes as I have to take a long detour!) but after a whole day teaching people skills the climb up back home can take 20 minutes! Not complaining though!


    This thread is inspiring me to do the 25 mile round trip by bike when I change jobs from looking at peoples huge riding distances!

    You guys on road bikes?

    Sometimes 🙂 I used to rarely do about a 28 mile round trip offroad from a different house. That was fun, but there are no showers at work… You should give it a go, but 25 miles would be much easier on a road bike, and consequently more fun as you can go fast.


    That was fun, but there are no showers at work…

    Makes a BIG difference being able to get under a hot shower when it's been pishing it down and you're cold and sodden.

    You should give it a go, but 25 miles would be much easier on a road bike, and consequently more fun as you can go fast.

    +1 – I'd love to be able to do my commute on a road bike if only to see what difference it'd make to my times, especially in the summer. That said there's a lot to be said for a rohloff and magura HS33's when it comes to winter maintenance 🙂


    Currently about 17 miles Bath-Bristol via the wonderful Railway Path (although it gets a bit of a drag in the depths of winter and I vary the route).

    Often takes longer in the car. 1'40 last week.

    Longest commute was daily into London (from Bath) only did it for 6 months. That was long enough.

    Premier Icon Stu_N

    I live 15 miles from work.

    To get in for 9 takes about 55 mins by train (10 mins walk/ 30 min train/ 15 mins walk), an hour and 10 by car but parking is about £15 a day so almost never do that

    Can ride it in 45 mins on a very good day (strong tailwind and light traffic), usually a smidge over 50 in and an hour to an hour 10 or so on way home depending on wind as I live 15 miles west and 100m higher than work.

    Only ride all the way in summer – rural backroads or busy and narrow A road doesn't appeal at night.

    Often drive to P&R on edge of Edinburgh and ride in (20 mins) and home (20 mins to an hour depending on route I take) plus 30 mins in morning and about 15 in evening by car.

    Wouldn't want to live much further from work tbh.


    210 miles each way (one way on a Sunday and t'other on a Friday), takes about 3.5 hours.

    Then for the rest of the week 9 miles each way on bike, takes about 35/40 minutes through central London.


    30 miles ew
    50-60 minutes by car
    1hr 50mins on the rare occasions I bike it.

    It would be a lot quicker by car or bike if I didn't need to go through Bristol.

    50 miles each way, though I do spend a fair bit of time not in the office.

    wouldn't go any further. works out about 1h10m though has taken 3 hours.

    I miss my commute by bike 🙁

    Premier Icon goslow

    12 miles – 30 minutes driving, 45 minutes cycling. Annoyingly our office is relocating a further 5 miles away. The worst part is that means about 10 miles of the route will be in built up urban areas with lots of traffic lights, traffic, junctions. Dreading it. It will make for a very slow drive or a long, probably not enjoyable, bike ride. Public transport doesn't even bear thinking about – walk, bus, train, metro, walk would take about 3.5 hours a day and cost about £10.


    20-25 minutes by bike.


    On a good day I can go door to door in 2 mins. Yeah, I live on the same bit of road as my office. By the end of the year I'm hoping to have moved and having anything up to about a 10 mile each way commute, who knows where the housing hunt will take me, watch this space as I post up here asking for location, mortgage, solictor and buying advice!


    8 Miles. On public transport, Bus+DLR, or Bus+Train+DLR, or Bus+Different Train+DLR all take 1 hour, This morning jogging it took 1 hour 11 minutes, if I can just get a bit fitter……

    Premier Icon cuckoo

    8 miles by car = 25 minutes

    12 miles by bike = 1hr 30 minutes


    11 miles each way (about 7 on canal towpath, 4 on road), ride every day.

    Usually ride it on a 48:16 fixed gear, 35 mins is my record when the towpath's dry and hard, can take nearly 50 mins when its wet and sludgy. Taking the road all the way and the road bike can get it down to half an hour, but its far less pleasant. SS hardtail in the snow can take an hour!

    Never driven it at commute time nor taken the bus. Train station is about a 25 minute walk, train takes around 15 mins then I'd have another 10 minute walk at the other end, and costs money, so not really worth it.

    Lucky enough to have ace facilities at the office.

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