how is this guy selling things so cheaply?

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  • how is this guy selling things so cheaply?
  • robgclarkson

    been looking at XX1 gear for my new build and after quite a bit of shopping around i find there’s a chap on eBay in Ukraine selling XX1 stuff for way less than the rrp…

    eg, according to my watch list he sold an XX1 derailleur for £145, when even the german purveyors of cheapness,, are selling them for £196… most shops in the UK don’t have them in stock and when they will have them they want £220+

    just how is he doing it? he’s got fantastic feedback (into the 1000’s) too, so i don’t believe it to be a con…

    for those interested, here’s a link to his ebay shop click me

    edit, i’m not complaining you understand, just curious….


    maybe rrp’s are much lower there


    Depends how much he is buying it for. eg in the USA things are almost the same price in US$ as they are in GB£

    How much tax he is paying when he buys and sells (eg in Europe we instantly get hit with around 20%

    How much profit he ‘needs’ to make compared to a shop with large overheads.


    appears to be legit, none of the tell tale signs of a scammer.

    b r

    But what is the actual price you’d pay – any duty to add?


    A mate of mine brought a very cheap x9 rear mech and x0 front mech from a guy on ebay in Ukraine, it was all legit and he got his items but it took a few weeks to arrive! In the mean time he brought another rear mech locally! Not sure if its the same seller or not though!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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