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  • How good is having babies?
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    Met my now wife at 25, married at 33, first child at 34, second at 37, vasectomy at 38!

    The most amazing, tiring, frustrating, rewarding, draining, challenging, scary thing you could ever possibly do. It will test you and your relationship in ways you can never imagine.

    I never thought I wanted kids

    I would never want to be without my kids

    I don’t know if I would do it again mind!

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Met mrs_oab @ 19, married @ 21, baby_oab1 arrived ‘ooops’ @ 27, no’s oab2 and oab3 arrived within 3.5 years, snippage asap.
    First hold of firstborn = blubbing away! Next two = blubbing away.
    mrs_oab is a legend of these things, as long as pain relief is administered before she even gives her name at the hospital 😉 and seeing one born by the emergency escape hatch is not to be repeated.
    Eldest is 10 in a couple of weeks:
    Then (@ 6months)



    First at 29, second at 32. I always wanted to be a father by 30 as mine died at 29. Looked after first for one day per week from birth. For the first 18 months it was sleepless slog with some cute smiles. Then they wake up with a personality. Suddenly they become a teenager… Then they drop you going down the Labyrinth and place pictures of Orange 5’s in front of you and mention Christmas is coming 😆

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    Love all these cute pics. 😀

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Kids rock
    Today was all about –
    Tigers go – ‘ra ra rahhh’
    Bubbles (her latest word, she still doesn’t say mum although her first word was dad)
    And fireworks go – wooosshh (whispered with hands over ears)

    My daughter is 20 months and at the moment every day amazes me with her progression and learning


    it ruined my life


    I always took the view that having kids was new mates to act the fool / talk cr@p with.

    Pretty much worked out that way with my two daughters (now 12 and 9). Obviously there is the responsibility angle and making sure they grow up with the right (to me and Mrs Gilo) values, and hopefully end up responsible members of society.

    But so far it’s worked out as I hoped – two smaller sized mates to shoot the breeze with, teach how to play air guitar to AC/DC, explain about the origin of grunge, the merits Of Doc Martin boots versus cheap copies, teach how to ride bikes, go camping with, let them witness me wasted to hopefully put them off booze for a good few years, just….. be mates and enjoy each other’s company.

    That said, we are on the cusp of the teenage years, I may tell a different tales in a few years time….


    Totally awesome

    Signed a sceptic

    but it is


    two daughters (now 12 and 9)

    I may tell a different tales in a few years time….

    You will 😆

Viewing 9 posts - 121 through 129 (of 129 total)

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