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  • How good is a Superstar Fuel rear hub?
  • Premier Icon Northwind

    I’ve got some new rims, got some random spokes, pretty sure I can combine this with the Fuel rear hub I have and it’ll all work out but… How good is the hub? This’d be my Official Hard Use Wheels which means they don’t get used that much, but when they do it’ll be uplift days, weeks abroad, the endurance downhill, stuff where I do not want it to act up… Anyone got any experience? I assume it’s a novatech or something…

    Premier Icon Yak

    My lad is on one. Properly fast pick -up and sounds like an angry bee. I can’t comment on durability yet – not enough time or miles to date.

    Sealing is a bit so-so on the freehub, just done one 7 months on one that I repacked with plenty of grease including gritty puddle fests and dunkings and it’s just gone growly today

    Premier Icon Bolt

    Not good in my experience, I broke two freehubs in the space of four months,both times the land better the pawls broke off.
    Can’t fault superstars service though. The second time it went back they replaced it with a different hub.


    Premier Icon ajantom

    Seem pretty good so far. I got a set attached to Stans Flows in their New Year sale.
    So far so good, I’ve repacked with grease a couple of times, and as above the sealing seems functional rather than amazing. They are very buzzy, not as loud as Hopes, but a higher pitch. Pickup is excellent due t the 6 pawls.
    They’ve been down BPW and lots of rooty/rocky stuff in the south west, and are holding up well.

    They’re not Novatechs. Think they’re from a French brand, defo made in Europe rather than the Far East though. Not that that makes any difference!

    They’re these – rebranded Aivee MT2 hubs

    Weeeeellll, further investigation reveals that rather than your boggo mud and gritty graunchiness (although there was a bit of that) the major malfunction with my hub is one the pawl seats has snapped through.

    New freehub – £60. Cock.

    Must be down to my uberawesome thigh POWAH, that’s the only possible explanation.

    Premier Icon acsevens

    Freehub died on mine after two rides. Seems to be a common problem. Superstar replaced it with a switch (at my request) which is basic but reliable!

    Replaced the hub or just the freehub? Would be good if fh was compatible

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Theres a code that might be useful.
    Not sure which wheels it applies to though.

    Premier Icon Bolt

    If the freehub has failed, check to make sure the axle is not bent as mine was on both occasions.


    Premier Icon sargey

    Snapped the fuel axle and damaged the freehub on my stans wheels.
    New parts sent out by superstar going to build it up this weekend.

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    £120 for a hub, you’d likely pick a 2nd hand hope or DT Swiss hub for that.

    Premier Icon Yak

    Hmmm, getting worried.
    Are all these breakages on the 102t freehub, or the older slightly slower one?

    Premier Icon ads678

    £120 😯

    I paid that for a pair of wheels built with those hubs!!

    They’ve not been abused but still running fine after a few months use. They are loud though, i don’t mind a bit if hub noise but these are too loud imo.

    Premier Icon scandal42

    I have had 3 sets of switch hubs and they have been faultless.

    I’d grab one of those if still available

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