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  • How do you step up to a very high roofbox?
  • Wally
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    Hello STW hive, just purchased a roofbox to fit a Rifter (like a Berlingo) so it’s already a high vehicle. Do I need a folding step of sorts and throw in box for the impending family adventure?

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    Small trampoline?

    I used to use a box on my Blingo and yeah, took a small set of steps with me sometimes but often got away with clambering on top of the rear wheels.

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    I use step Ladders at home but have one of these for while I’m away.

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    Stand on the rear wheels, this is also how I realised our rear suspension springs had collapsed when I could no longer get my foot between the tyre and wheel arch.

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    You can get a step that hooks onto the rear door latch for normal cars, for a slider I’d get one of the plastic folding step stools Lidl and Aldi sell.

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    Plasterers stilts for comedy value if nothing else

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    We had a similar dilemma – our solution was a Sterk Systems Aluminium Hop Up Platform Step (600x300mm). Think it was about £40?

    Light & compact enough to put in the boot yet strong & stable in use. Easy to put up/take down. Good safety catches. Doubles as a little table/seat for picnicking etc. too.

    Also useful around the house/garden – winner! Would recommend.

    Hope this helps 👍🏻

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    I reckon (and am about to follow their advice) that phil258 has the answer here. Been trying to balance in doorways/seats this afternoon mucking around with our roofrack and just found it a PITA.

    £40 seems like money well spent to avoid that if you’ve got space to stow it while travelling.

    My sister (who has a Discovery so really quite tall) carries a couple of small step ladders for the same job.

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    I bought a 3 tread step stool for about £20 from Toolstation to use for our XL Berlingo – I’m not particularly tall and this allowed me to get at the far side of the roofbox comfortably enough. Folded up nice and compact, perfect length to slide in the side of the boot butting up to the back of the middle row of seats, so remained accessible even when full of kit.

    Possibly this one

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    One of these for getting the bikes on the roof of a kodiaq. Will be using it with the roof box as well.

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    saw this step on an infomercial

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    What ads678 and LAT suggested.

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    I have one of these, makes it just high enough to get to the roof box or to put a bike on the roof if I use the open side door for extra balance.

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