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  • How do I stop my dog fbarking so much?
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    Thanks for all the responses…just getting time to check back in.

    If you shout then you are probably from her perspective joining in

    Interesting. I’ll admit our first reaction is to shout. She is our first dog so we are still learning a lot.

    ignore the barking and as soon as she stops, reward her.

    If its happening when you’re in then you maybe need to get into a routine about it. People who have barky dogs tend to then shout at their dogs to stop barking. As far as the dog is concerned you’re just joining in the barking.

    I will try this. Do you continue to reward periodically when she’s just chilling?

    Three_Fish – Member

    Accepted. We do try and limit the time she’s alone, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Anything we can do to help these times?

    Giving the dog less of a run of the house can work too having all the doors open means the feel like the need to defend the whole place, closing the house down more – especially when you’re out – gives them less to be alert about.

    Good tip. I just assumed that more space = better.

    Are you my neighbour? Unlocking back door in morning …..woof woof bark bark and so on.

    I am neurotic about her barking outside. The minute she starts she’s in…in fact I’m probably louder than her when I’m calling her back in!

    we had a behaviourist out to talk about a different problem but it highlighted other things we were doing wrong, once we had changed it made a massive improvement.

    Op where are you based?

    I can recommend a behaviourist who can help.

    I like this idea – I am out of my depth and want to do it properly. We are in West Midlands near Stourbridge. I’ll have a Google.

    a quick blast on the pet corrector spray

    citronella collar with a remote control

    bell on the collar she gets zapped

    A finger up it’s arse should work.

    shock collar

    Not sure I could use any of these, but the spray of water might be OK…

    I will continue to read up, and try the reinforcing positive behaviour.

    Photos…if they work

    Just now

    Last May

    When she was 3 months old

    When she was fluffier

    I’ll stop now….

    Thanks again for all your help

    She is an expensive mongrel Australian Labradoodle


    Just don’t? do what my ex-neighbour did when they couldn’t cope with their dogs barking in the house, and turf them out into the garden.

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