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  • flip456

    With Christmas rapidly approaching I’ve been thinking about presents for my 4 yr old lad. He has a small collection of cars but no track as yet. I remember I had some matchbox track as a kid, that clamped to the dining table and had a loop the loop, loved it!
    Things seem to have moved on since then, so I’m looking for recommendations please. What’s been a hit with your kids. Are the track builder sets more entertaining than the sets?

    What’s been a hit with your kids.

    Forza Horizon 3 for the Xbox.

    More Hot Wheels than actual Hot Wheels.

    Premier Icon The Pinkster

    I’m just waiting for my grandson to be old enough so I can justify buying him (ahem) this

    Hot Wheels Super Track Pack

    I suppose I could buy it early, just in case they don’t have it in a couple of years…….


    Pinkster, that’s one of the sets already on my list.
    Perchy, my eldest found that expansion pack on forza a couple of weeks ago and has been crazing me about it ever since. Might buckle as it looks awesome!

    Premier Icon kcal

    Still have my Hot Wheels track from my childhood, gets dug out when small children are in house. It’s great — the table clamp, a loop the loop and a banked track. Some great old cars as well.


    my boys (4.5 and 2.5) love playing with their hotwheels track – its a simple clip together one with 2 bends. Most of the fun is in making it into a massive ramp (rested against the sofa back) and send the cars down the ramp and jumping over stuff into the box.

    They have the hotwheels garage for xmas. The big one with the shark. They should love it.

    Premier Icon mogrim

    How big is that Hotwheels pack? I need to sort something out for my 2.5yr old nephew, but I live in Spain, he lives in Australia, and we’re meeting for Christmas in London… and his parents will hate me if I get something too big for the case. (The box can go in the bin, that’s not a problem).

    Any other suggestions for 2.5yr old boys are more than welcome!

    Premier Icon Tallpaul

    This one will be under the tree for TP Jnr. We were sold on the self containing aspect which will hopefully prevent bits of track ending up scattered acrosss the entire house!

    Premier Icon senor j

    One of the best value for money and most amount of use toys in our house.
    We kept it simple with the loop the loop pack that all packs down into its own bag. And bought loads of cars to fling down it. 👍

    Premier Icon gnusmas

    If you use code BRANDS20 in argos, you get 20% off hot wheels at the moment too.



    My nephew is getting a nerd gun.

    Which means I need a nerf gun…

    Premier Icon Mary Hinge

    We bought criss cross crash for the grandkids in the summer, to keep at our house.

    They absolutely love it and its suitable for even the 2 and a half year old as its self contained and battery powered.

    Got so.e more track for christmas, but looking g for that simple clamp to the table loop the loop set that I loved as a kid. But cant seem to find one. Lots of powered or more complex ones but not just the simple clamp and loop.

    Anyone spotted one?

    Premier Icon Mary Hinge

    Ha! Thanks gnusmas. Argos had just what I wanted -super track pack- and I got some discount.

    Premier Icon chestrockwell

    My 5 year old loves Hotwheels. My advice would be track and car based sets rather than fancy looking things. He loves chucking cars down a track, really likes the (expensive) battery operated loop the loop when I can afford to replace the batteries but hardly ever asks about the elaborate (and expensive!) shark car wash thing. Looks ace, does very little.
    Colour changing cars win also.

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