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  • Hope Pro II service without special tools
  • I tried with a socket set and various bodget supports, made a mess of it, then bought the proper tools and its about a million times easier.

    but Hope then say you need a special tool to pop it back on

    hmm, this is possibly the one bit you don’t really need the tool for. Mine just goes on no problem.

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    You can push the freehub back on by hand!

    Hope’s tools are just slightly undersized lumps of metal. As long as you support both the inner and outer race of the new bearing you can use anything.


    Use the closest socket you can but as above you can wreck the seals if your not careful:



    You can buy the set for less than £20.

    Work out the cost of the hubs and the bearings and £20 seems a reasonable cot to “get it right”.


    special tools?

    Eh? Even I can do it without breaking anything with some sockets and a brummy screwdriver

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    having used the ‘right’ tools I’d never go back.

    it really does make what was always a bit of a ‘get a socket about the right size, hit it and hope’ exercise into a pleasure. There seems to be less hammering needed, too.

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    Whilst my Hope Pro II rear wheel still freewheels I think the bearings are dragging on the axle as it won’t allow me to back pedal and I’m getting some phantom shifts from the rear mech too.

    Is it possible to service the hub (like in Hopetech’s on line vid) without all the special tools? I reckon with the hub still built into a wheel it should be possible to pop the freehub body off OK but Hope then say you need a special tool to pop it back on. Does the low tech way of supporting it and tappng it home with a protective bit of softwood, or even an old cassette, work?

    Same with the bearings; once drifted out (somehow) can they be re-seated using a squarely cut off bit of broom handle instead of Hope’s (no doubt beautifully machined) special tool?

    Has anyone done it without the tools and if so how?


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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