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    I buy cheaper imports ,bright , but they only last one or two seasons.


    Hi all
    I’ve got a hope vision 4, quite a few years old now. On my first group night ride of the year I noticed how matched it was against far cheaper alternatives. I really like the hope stuff and really appreciate the engineering that goes into them but cant help feeling a little short changed. Reading the review on the latest R4 IS and its not a great review either. Don’t get me wrong I am happy with the light but well there’s just a but……. What do you guys feel/think ??

    I also have a Hope Vision 4 – 4/5 years ago, it was a rather nicely engineered, rather expensive LED light, that ‘just about’ held it’s own amongst a sea of Lumicycle halogens.

    Unfortunately, compared with the current crop of Cree’s, it’s simply old technology and can’t compete.

    It breaks my heart to leave it sat at home and strap a couple of <£25 jobbies to my bars/helmet – unfortunately it’s something I have to accept – it’s cumbersome and doesn’t emit a great amount of light. For a solo ride, I’m sure it would be fine, but doesn’t cut it on group rides.


    Bought cheap (well one light was £90), realised it was rubbish and ended up with Hope and Exposure 😀


    Thinking on they are standing the test of time, not thinking of changing it maybe adding some cheapies to my arsenal. Somes good, mores better 🙂  


    Always the option of getting some of our resident light experts to upgrade your Hopes with the latest led’s.

    Got some Hope Vision’s off here which Trout had upgraded to xm-l led’s. Plenty good.

    Yes, there are cheap which do work fine, but no bad thing to work with Trout, Smudge, Crg moto, Four4th, Luminous, Lumicycle, Hope, etc.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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