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  • Hope Ceramic BB – knocking noise – anyone else?
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    Had a hope ceramic bb in my solaris for a few months, few weeks ago something started to get a sort of tap or knocking at the same point in the pedal revolution. Swapped pedals but no change.
    Swapped out the BB for a stainless one and it’s stopped knocking.
    When I removed the ceramic bb the grease was all dried up in it. Otherwise feels smooth and cannot feel any roughness that would have caused the knocking previously.

    Anyone else had this?

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    Yep – had this on both Hope ceramic threaded bb and press-fit bb (which was worse) and a mate also had it on his threaded bb. Drove me mad and in the end I replaced it with a SRAM PF92 BB and have never looked back. For me it’s been the one exception in 20+ years of mtb where cheaper was better.

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    Same, got a hope ceramic bb, felt incredibly smooth at first (although when putting in a new bb it always does so not sure if being ceramic made any difference) but after a few moths started knocking. Replaced it with a hope steel bb, that has lasted years.

    Even before buying it everything I read said that ceramic really makes no difference in a bb, but I just wanted to be bling, that will teach me.

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    these screw in BBs ?

    my hope ceramics (with a few cleans and regreases over the years ) is now reaching 10 years in my most used and abused bike.

    The other less used bikes seem to rip through regular BBs in a couple of years.

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    I’ve a Hope Ceramic BB on the road bike. As @MSP says it was as much about the bling as anything. It’s done somewhere in the region of 20,000km. I didn’t bother for the Solaris and when the original RaceFace cheese BB died I fitted a Hope stainless steel BB which has been good for 13,000km so far. Just do regular (before and after winter) servicing. Both these are threaded HT2 BBs.

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    Interesting to hear others had the same issue.
    I too went for the none other than bling reason.
    Same on one of my friends bikes too, he put a ceramic one in and has a knocking at the same point in the pedal cycle.

    – is that in a hardtail or full suss ?? Just wondering if the harder impact of landings etc on a hrdtail BB has had something to do with it? Not that I’m a mother hucker or anything like that…

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    the 10 year old one is in an XC bike thats been to the moon and back.

    put a ceramic one in my Ibis this time last year and no knocking has occured yet but ill monitor it.

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    Experienced the exact same issue on non-ceramic PF41 and PF46 bb’s on different bikes recently.
    Full strip and re-assembly solves for a short while then the knock returns – bearings feel smooth.

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