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  • Hope BB and bother with a GXP chainset
  • breninbeener
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    A friend has a gravel bike with a 68mm wide BB shell. Its threaded for BB. It has a GXP BB in and no spacers, and in is a SRAM Rival chainset, running 1x. I think its a 42t chainring.

    She wanted a bling purple anodised Hope BB, so bought the threaded 68/73mm one, and a GXP adapter.

    The Hope BB comes with a lovely machined alloy tube that sits between the two screw in cups. Its to keep the bearings out of water and cack that gets into the BB.

    However the tube is really about 5mm to long and it wont allow the cups to screw flush into the frame. Its like it ‘must’ use spacers. With this tube, and the tiny added width of the gxp adaptor, the crank spindle is too short to attach the other arm.

    Whats going on/wrong? Has she ordered the wrong part? Is the centre tube too long. On Shimano BB, the centre tube can have a variety of lengths as the bearing cups screw together. This Hope one has solid machined shoulders that put a finite limit on its maximum insertion (minimum length).

    Can anyone think whats gone wrong?


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    Do you have a link to the exact one you bought?

    Did you buy road specific or mtb bb?

    Does it work if you don’t use the tube?

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    Sounds like you’ve bought an MTB BB, not a road one. The cups are the same, but the central tube is narrower, and they use a 1.5(I think, may be 1)mm spacer either side instead of the normal 2.5mm jobbies.(spacers and central tube are available seperately if you can’t return yours.)

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    Its a friends, so maybe she has got the wrong one….

    I will check asap. Thanks guys

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    There are 4 lengths: MTB, road, DH and fatbike.

    Sounds like you’ve got the MTB one. If you talk to a friendly shop they can order you one for £14. The part number is BBSP101:3.

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    Speak to the place you bought it from or even hope. Hope customer service is legendary

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    Run it without the tube? The 24mm MTB one has one but the 30mm one doesn’t.

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    If you are feeling precise, you can saw 5mm out of the middle of the tube and tape it back together. Or just ditch the tube.

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    Just use the plastic tube from the old BB.

    (when did hope ones start coming with alu ones? I only recall the bsa ones being plastic?)

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