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  • After moving into our new home took me and two pals (all tradesmen) two weeks of solid 16hr days to do 3/4 of our new home, and it was stripped bare!!!! Just curious as to how many of the stw lot have done their own or had work done recently??
    Still fire to change and our kitchen to do but bedrooms and landings etc all done, rewired and partially new plumbing done.


    How it was when we viewed

    Landed from ukraine the following tuesday after title hand over and ripped 7 bells out it with my dad and grandad. All the curtains and floor coverings pulled out due to cigarette smoke damage

    After a month of weekends and 1 weeks solid wall paper stripping the living room looked like that , bedroom had been stripped, built in wardrobes removed replastered. Repainted all the non papered walls and worked out the first few dangerous things the boy had left.

    Was how it looked till i went nuts with the hilti gun this mornng. Hindsight say i should have done it pre moving in but the money just wasnt availible -most of the materials i used in the living room were left overs or reclaimed from other jobs

    Materials alone for rewire now standa me at just under 1k


    Ive stripped my house back to the stone and am slowly rebuilding it up. Its taken much longer than I planned as I depend on others as well.

    Love the sleeper as a mantle piece!!!!! Thats awsome!!! I love the country/woody/homey style hoping if my current job goes well me and the wife can move into the stix into a larger property and have the log burner arger etc going on, the wife rides horses so i think itl be easy to pursued her ; )!!!

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    Nice work.
    Just bought a fair size place that is a big decorating job, but fundamentals are ok (plumbing, wiring etc). Some disagreement between me and the Missus as to the pace of change required – I’d be ok with making it really nice over 10 years, she’s looking more at 10 months.

    Been stripping wallpaper all day and have a quick question. Can you skim plaster over painted wallpaper? The picture below shows a half stripped wall that isn’t in tip- top condition, it’s uneven, plaster is crumbly and there’s the remnants of an old structure in there. I guess it needs a quick skim over from a plasterer. Will it be necessary to strip off the rest of the wallpaper for this? ( woodchip, painted and a **** to strip off).

    Not idealy depends how well the origional paper was first put on, in my world never plaster over anything other than a “sound” surface so in a word dont do it, best way to strip woodchip is to either hire a perferator like a drum with spikes on and roll the walls, then use a steamer to strip off, or score with a stanley and steam off, any other paper i use a razor scraper to get off top layer then fill a backpack water sprayer with warm soapy water and spray, then use a blunt wide scraper to remove backing paper after soaked. I stripped a 3 bed flat fully in one day ceilings and all, (i am a dec by trade) so its not that hard. Any tips feel free to ask me as i know how hard it is to do up a house on a buget and within short time scales, fortunately i work in trades so know how much things should be and how long things take.

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    Thanks for the tips Phil, suspected it would have to come off really. That’s tomorrow morning taken care of then.

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