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  • rjj

    I am going to try and attach mine with one of those silicone bands and see how it gets on.Link

    Premier Icon cr500dom

    I`m really stuck,
    haven’t used this (Orux Maps)for ages, forgotten everything and cant get back to the basic settings ?
    I have buttons too big on the screen but cant seem to find the basic settings again to change the display set up ?

    I`ve now wasted 2 hours of my life, got an Irate mrs, and a big ride on tomorrow which I cant get to display in a meaningful format

    Please stop me going out and buying a garmin !?!? 🙄 🙁

    Great idea many thanks for it, I bought a defy mini on eBay (as new re cons now down to £30, small scratches £24!). Then I got hold of the hope light bracket.

    Rather than bolt to the phone direct this is bolted to a case – it’s bendy meaning there’s room for a big washer which will hopefully spread the load and that the phone retains its waterproofing.

    Seems pretty stable so far.

    I’m using viewranger as can easily plot and upload routes from my Mac.


    Argh, my Defy has stopped picking up satellites and won’t work with oruxmaps anymore. Anyone had a defy and fixed this?

    Premier Icon nemesis

    Given that you can get them cheap, probably just get another one….


    Thanks, I did think of that but given the slight hassle to setup a garmin plug I think I’ll buy an garmin edge touring instead – pretty inexpensive from Germany


    have you tried using the GPS Status app?

    Faster GPS app miight be worth a look as well, you can use it to easily reset your NTP server and region settings if they have gone wonky for some reason.


    Yes I did try that, no joy, it’s possible that it will return but it dropped me in the poo the other day (had to ride an unknown route which worked ok but could have been a real pain). It’s been a good and very cheap way to try digital mapping though.

    Premier Icon eviljoe

    Acjim –

    I had this happen to me a week or so ago . Rebooting seemed to help. I’m now using Locus rather than Oruxmaps, and find it more reliable.

    Sorry folks but my links never work….

    So, if you are looking for a secure way to mount your smartphone, have a look at Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative
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    Great little smartphone holder. Easy to attatch to the bike as well. Emphasis should be on little though, won’t hold a phone like a Galaxy S4 in a secure way (the top doesn’t close over). If you have a smaller phone though it’ll be great. Should say in description it won’t fit newest models though.
    East Sussex
    What at bargain! easy to fit, works great and pleasantly understated. Rivals start at about £50. Buy it, its a no-brainer
    Matt W
    A great idea in theory and having had a bad experience with a less than solidly attached phone holder, this looked ideal. The construction is solid however Edinburgh Bicycle need to point out that this is not suitable for angled stems as the mount does not sit correctly on the headset. I do feel that I have been misled into thinking this product would work on my bike.
    Just to mention that I bought it for a Nokia E72 and it fits perfectly.
    I thought this might be a bit gimmicky – but it’s not.??Easy to fit onto the steerer, had to relocate the bell on to the fork on the bike but definitely worth it.??I use the cyclemeter app to track my regular commute – this is great to keep an eye on progress. It’s secure, weatherproof and just really simple. ??Fits the iPhone 4 perfectly and I fitted it to a Specialized Tricross Sport.??Great for receiving that “can you pick up milk?” text or “you forgot your wallet” – now you can react to these messages in real time rather than view them at your journeys end after retrieving phone from your pocket.
    I have been looking for this device for some time for my wife and was thrilled to find one on a notification from edinburghbicycles. I was just about to order one when I spotted the footnote explaining that it fits to the steerer/spacer on modern bikes and not it seems to the stem or handlebars. No good then, as it needs to fit to the stoker handlebars of a tandem.

    That’s the best I can do 😮


    I’ll have a go with locus, gps fix doesn’t show a fix though

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