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  • Home brew beer question
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    Yonks ago I bought a BruBox home brew kit. I made the 10L London Bitter that came with it and then put it away and never used it again.
    I just dug it out thinking I might buy a refill kit for it and make some more and it looks like they don’t make them any more. I was wondering if I could use or adapt a brew kit that is still available or was the BruBox specific in some way? Or should I just chuck the BruBox and start again? Seems a bit wasteful.

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    My take on this…

    Big stockpot (I have 10l and 30l)
    Brew bags
    Hop bags
    Base malt (Marris Otter for me)
    Other malts (Crystal, chocolate)
    Hops (Take your pick!)
    FV bucket(s)
    Kitchen stove

    You can brew easily and cheaply using the above. Three hours or so to make a brew, a week to ferment. Hour(ish) to bottle. Leave it for at least a couple of weeks, and tasty beer is yours. Cheap, fun.

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    Try a “Mangrove Jack’s” kit, they are great quality and very easy to brew. I brewed the “Grapefruit IPA” and it was very good introduction to brewing.

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    Could you explain how the BruBox kit works? It’s not clear from that link.
    If so, I can probably help you out!

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    Have a look here

    Loads of info on different brewing techniques and a friendly forum for asking questions.

    However, it is quite difficult to get supplies at the moment, most places are sold out or overloaded.

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