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  • holiday booking minefield – Anyone used Expedia?
  • ATOL protection if it all goes breasts ascending?

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    hmmm good point. They say

    Flight-inclusive holiday packages and Flight-Plus arrangements created on are financially protected by the Civil Aviation Authority (under Expedia, Inc.’s ATOL number 5788). But ATOL protection does not apply to all holiday and travel services listed on this website. Please ask us to confirm what protection may apply to your booking.

    so I need to find out exactly what that covers & whether it’s a big deal or not

    EDIT:a quick google sounds like it covers flights/accommodation IF booked together (which I would do) but not ancillary stuff like transfers, etc which I could live with.

    Anyone used Expedia?

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    It is usually better value to book separately but not always.

    I have never used Expedia. We usually book hotels through (or at least use their site to find decent hotels/apartments and then book direct). We then find the best flights using Skyscanner. We don’t both booking transfers and just get a taxi from the airport.

    I prefer self catering. I don’t understand why people go all inclusive when you can eat out and try the local food.


    Used expedia many times.

    Never had a problem over flights, hotels, car rentals

    easy, products are as described, lots of reviews on the site for hotels etc

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    Used expedia many times.

    how does the baggage work if it’s not included in the Expedia booking? (says hand luggage allowance only.) Do I just book additional baggage separately directly with the airline once I have my flight info from Expedia?


    ATOL protection if it all goes breasts ascending?

    Make sure you have good insurance.

    Do I just book additional baggage separately directly with the airline once I have my flight info from Expedia?

    From recollection yes.

    Don’t just use Expedia, there are many other sites, plus always look direct with the provider too.

    And don’t forget Top Cash Back

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    I pondered the same thing when booking our first beach holiday in 10 years.

    Ended up using Expedia to get a good price for one of first choices complex thing in fuerteventura as I got fed up with trying to piece together a package. It’s more than just a hotel, with loads of sports and activities in the deal. Food is ok (we’re not foodies though) and drinks etc spot on.

    Quite a spectrum of people, ranging from super fit semi athletes always on the go to slob la chav throwing towels over loungers at 6am.

    We’re 5 days into it right now and so far seems ok, although don’t think we’ll rush for another beach holiday, unless we could get something very secluded with own pool, but the price goes through the roof.

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    Not done a package/beach holiday before so would like some advice on the best way to do it! We have somewhat arbitrarily decided on Tenerife so the mrs can lay by the pool/beach & I can go off biking (Lavatrax probably!)

    Started looking at packages e.g. Thomson/TC etc with the all inclusive deals. All look much of a muchness, slightly chavvy resort style accommodation, with options for all-inclusive etc. (Which actually doesn’t sound that great unless you are going to be staying close to the hotel the whole time, plus apparently come with mediocre food/budget booze etc)

    Then today I was looking on Expedia – not used them before but it looks like you put together your own “package” from separate elements. Although you have to pay separately for flights, baggage, transfers etc etc this is good in a way as you can choose a flight at a more sociable time, faster transfer etc, plus it is looking like it is still WAY cheaper. i.e. I can book a 5* suite with private pool in one of the more upscale resorts for hundreds less than the boggo-standard all inclusive deals. Even if we spend £400 on food/drink over the week it is gonna work out cheaper/better. (Plus will have better variety & get to try out other restaurants, cafes etc)

    Is there some massive pitfall or potential ball ache I’m missing or is this clearly the best way to do it?

    if you find the right hotel (or top 3 choices), have a look on which is also owned by the expedia inc group (ebooker/ among others)
    or its rival priceline (kayak,, priceline, cheapflights)

    and look for the deals, in theory their is little competition in this hotels market as only big players operate.

    check they have the best price, i tend to find booking/. ebookers will always have a 10-15% codes to use. google search for one.
    AFFUKMVC10HOT0409 – 10% off at expedia hotels (packages 15% on expedia curently)

    once you are happy you found the lowest price book it with a credit card via a cashback site (use quidco or topcashback (usually get 105 allthough if using a code it may not payout)),
    ensure you have a travel insurance policy in place before hand.

    traditional airlines / longhaul will usually have standard bag allowance, easyjet/ryanair will be hand luggage only..

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