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  • Holiday anxiety. What a bummer.
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    What’s driving the anxiety? Work worries while you are away or unfamiliar places maybe?

    Knowing what triggers the anxiety may help you find a coping strategy.

    It’s supposed to be a relaxing time. Away from work and the humdrum of everyday life. I’ve driven 340 miles to get to my holiday destination and its been severely compromised (almost ruined) by some if the worst anxiety attacks ever.


    I am normally a bit of a worrier but its amplified while away.

    Anybody else suffer similar issues?

    BTW. Going home tomorrow and feel quite chuffed about that.


    Driving 680 miles in 2 days is a holiday?
    I have anxiety attacks.
    These are brought on due to me being bipolar.
    I have strong medication that helps.
    Ask your doctor for diazepam(valium). It really helps.
    while with your gp ask to be referred to a psychiatrist. There is no stigma attached to this.
    They will help you find the underlying cause of your problem.
    good luck.


    Let uncle Stella be your friend


    It could simply be that you are tired from the Journey, which combined with the change of surroundings has triggered a little panic. I suffer from this too, unless there is another underlying reason that you havent mentioned, i would get some diazapan tablets but only a small dose say 5mg, and i would only take them when you have panic, as they make you drousy so you cant drive and you may not enjoy the holiday if too sleepy!

    When you get back from your hols see a doc as diazapan should only be a short term fix as its highly addictive,there are other drugs available as well as CBT etc

    Just try to relax 🙂

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    I used to get terrible attacks years ago. I got prescribed Diazepam too. I’d always carry them with me, but very, very rarely end up taking them. Just having them with me gave me confidence.
    Don’t drink, do go and tire yourself out with exercise.
    Horrible and unexplainable feelings but many people get them.

    Premier Icon benji

    Yep, booked three holidays in the past, and didn’t go on one of them. It’s not the flying, worked on the rigs, so no problem with being airborne. It’s not staying away worked away from home for many weeks, so it’s not that.

    But put it in a social situation, and that’s me out of there. It starts as a slight nagging doubt, then builds into a sod it can’t do it, don’t go, so I don’t. Sometimes get the same before races, but I usually manage to get myself out there, it’s riding my bike and I can do that, and it’s only car journey, race, car journey home.


    Another sufferer here. Mine can be brought on by most modes of motorised transport and exposed landscapes occasionally. Has ruined a few years and a couple of great rides. Much more under control(without meds) but I still get nervous it will rear its ugly head without warning. What pisses me off is I loved travelling all over the world to remote places only to have it denied by myself. Feels like being the prison and prisoner!


    jekkyl – Member
    Let uncle Stella be your friend

    Probably the worst ever advice given on STW.
    Lay off the alcohol.
    It will only make you a thousand times worse.


    Try some meditation/relaxation exercises. Headspace app is good.

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