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  • Hold it and they will come. Tandem Weekender Mk II
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    Hello nbt, hope that your tour went well, done a similar thing on our tandem a few years ago.

    For those who expressed an interest in the tandem, my apologies for not getting back to you. We are discussing selling but letting the thing go seems like admitting that our joint biking days are over, not a happy decision. If we are selling I’ll post details up here for you to see.

    Hope the weekend goes well, don’t forget you could always come back to Swaledale.


    Had begun planning again after a few frantic weeks at home and at work then yesterday everything went pear shaped. A nasty slip and awkward fall resulted in a clean break on the NOF (Neck Of Femur, thankfully the head was not displaced). Mrs NBT now in theatre to have two cannulated screws inserted. Should be done by lunchtime, weight bearing tomorrow and home by the weekend. The nurses and doctors of the NHS are brilliant. Does mean we’re unlikely to be riding MTBs for a while though. 🙁


    Hello nbt, really sorry to hear about Mrs nbt, bet that brought tears to the eye’s including Mrs nbt. Had a similar NOF thing myself though with added broken lower femur. Hope she is out and about soon, all the best.

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    Poor Bunnyhop, not long after her last break either!

    Well, this never happened then. 😕
    Anyone want to start planning for next year, or maybe a winter ride?
    I still like the idea of small scale informal meet ups. If anyone fancies a guided tandem ride around the Wyre Forest and Clee Hill area, or if you want to guide other tandems around your area, pick a date and see if we can organise something.


    No sorry, didn’t fancy organising something when I won’t be able to participate. We were hoping that Mrs NBT would be back on the bike around now but the consultant advised no biking or skiing for at least six months which takes us week into the new year

    I’ve actually loaned our or tandem to Richpips and Minipips so they can see if they like it. On the first ride, Minipips (age 9) worked out how to dismount, open s gate and remount without having to stop the tandem…

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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