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  • Hmmmm think I've f***ed up! (Dialled Love/Hate content)
  • Premier Icon IvanDobski
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    Got me a dilemma…

    I've got a Bfe build on order (talas 160s etc) and currently riding my rigid io ss which I've had a few problems with regarding chain tension etc. After losing my patience with the io I ordered a L/H thinking I'd swap all the kit etc, sell the io frame and all would be well. I've since sorted the chain tension problem and now there's no reason to get rid especially as I really like the ride etc.

    So I did think of building a L/H with suspension which would be a burlier bike than the io but not as burly as the Bfe but that seems to be filling a gap which doesn't exist. I suggested the mrs have it but she told me in no uncertain terms that that was a non-starter!

    So yeah, I've a spare L/H frame and before I try an sell it (at a loss) or swap it can anyone suggest something I haven't thought of buildwise?

    Premier Icon Mary Hinge
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    Has the L/H arrived? How long ago? If you bought it online and it's unused you do have a bit of time to return the goods under the distance selling act (or suchlike).

    Premier Icon IvanDobski
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    Arrived, and still boxed up. I've not even seen it yet as I've been away this week

    I don't want to return it really as I ordered an Alpine from Dialled last year and then subsequently cancelled, was refunded etc so don't want to mess them around again – I'd be one of those idiot customers that I hated back in my retail days!

    Premier Icon giantjason
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    how about building a rigid bike for commuter?

    if you really dont want it just sell the frame on as brand new. you will take a small hit but nothing you can do.

    shame as i just ordered a L/H yesterday and could have taken it off your hands!!

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