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  • High up views next to car park – for disabled access
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    I have a friend who has health problems. She cannot walk very far. She saw this article but all the viewpoints mentioned are at least 2 miles walk from a car park.

    Can anyone suggest any similar high up viewpoints that are at or within a few hundred yards of a parking place?

    Anywhere in mainland UK is good.

    This trip will not happen until deeper into next year, so COVID restrictions may vary by then, in case anyone is concerned over distant travel by people.

    Thanks lots.

    Premier Icon piemonster
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    Bealach Na Ba for starters

    Actually, there should be plenty of options in the North Pennines, iirc there’s often some stopping spaces on quite a few of those roads, been a while since I’ve been that way.

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    I don’t know where you are based but Sutton Bank on the North York Moors claims to have the finest view in England. Also we’ll set up for disabilities with some made paths, off road scooter hire etc.

    Accessibility details in this link:

    Also on the NYM the road from Castleton to Hutton Le Hole has great view and Hutton itself is very pretty for a potter about it the folk museum.

    On the North Edge of the Moors Carlton Bank has great views a couple of hundred metres from the car park.
    Lord Stones is the name of the car park, cafe, view point

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    Its not exactly a mountain but the top of arthurs seat has quite the views and you can get pretty close*.

    *Not sure distance and its very much up from the highest carpark.

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    Whiteleaf Princes Risborough and Combe Hill Wendover both have car parks and level gravel paths to view points 🤔

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen
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    Cairngorm (or even take in a few of the ski centres in that neck of the woods)

    with a bit of careful choosing there are a few nice paths off of the ski road up to Cairngorm that get you out of site of the road and into quite lovely landscape and flora without too much effort and you’re sometimes lucky to cross paths with the reindeer herd

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    Premier Icon maccruiskeen
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    The quiraing on skye is technically mainland now there’s a bridge and gives you mountains and sea views

    Premier Icon tlr
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    Top of Holme Moss has 2 car parks, each with views down different sides.

    Mam Nick has a lay-by or 2 with good views.

    Premier Icon Squirrel
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    Ditchling Beacon near Brighton. Park right next to the view over the Weald (NT car park).

    Premier Icon Squirrel
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    Oh, and car park on the Quantocks near West Bagborough. Beautiful view across the valley to the Brendon Hills (and a passing steam train if you’re lucky).

    Premier Icon faz71
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    Top of Latrigg looking over Keswick and Surprise View over Derwent Water – both a couple of minutes walk from car parks.
    Also +1 for Sutton Bank.

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    There’s a road along the top of the Long Mynd in Shropshire – good views over towards Wales.

    In my neck of the woods (Dales), there’s a minor road which leaves the Fleets Moss near the top which then follows the Cam High ridge for a couple of miles to a couple of parking places at the junction with the Pennine Way and leaves you with a good view in all directions at Kidhow End. That’s probably as high as you can get in the central Dales.

    Premier Icon fadda
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    At risk of awakening the Captain – how about Yat Rock, above Symonds Yat…

    Premier Icon thegeneralist
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    Pretty much anywhere in glen Coe. Not high up, but probably the most stunning roadside views.

    Premier Icon jacksdad
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    Surprise view, Borrowdale. The car park at honister slate mine. Both just outside keswick.

    Premier Icon scotroutes
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    Cairngorm for sure.

    Fort William for the gondola and then a short walk around there too.

    Mam Ratagan for the view to the Seven Sisters.

    The road to Diabaig from Torridon. Not massively high but you’re close to the sea so everything seems bigger.

    Premier Icon oldagedpredator
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    From the car:

    Hartside – North Pennines (view of N Cumbria and the Lakes)
    Swinhope Head – North Pennines (road is very quiet and lay-by at summit) view of N Pennines
    Lodge Forest Visitors Centre Aberfoyle
    Glencoe Chair Lift / walk on plateau
    Nevis Range Gondola / walk on plateau
    Glenshee Chairlift
    Cow Green Car Park – North Pennines

    Flat walks – as long or as short as you want
    Maryport Prom / Allonby Cycleway – views of Solway Coast / Dumfries and Galloway
    Cat and Fiddle – bridleway heading to Danebower Hollow – views Peaks / Cheshire plain
    C2C / Waskerly Way – moorland. Depending on which bits views of N Pennines and Northumberland out to the Cheviot
    Low Force / Winch Bridge – County Durham (about 250m from roadside)

    Miles without stiles paths:
    National Parks – over view / links to Parks

    Lake District

    Peak District

    Premier Icon Houns
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    Titterstone Clee with views South/South West over Worcestershire, Herefordshire and in to Wales

    Premier Icon sturmeyarcher
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    Another in the Peak is Monsal Head. Cracking view, right from the benches next to the car park. Plus cafe & pub.

    Premier Icon tjagain
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    another favourite view of mine – it is a long way north tho but one heck of a scenic drive

    Premier Icon jeffl
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    Old Mam For road carpark lets you get a nice view down the Hope Valley in the Peak District.

    Old Mam Tor Rd

    Premier Icon Midnighthour
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    Dear All, some great suggestions, thanks for the ideas.

    If you think of any more keep them coming…

    Premier Icon tuboflard
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    And here in the Peak District

    Ok, so not a patch on some of the Lakes and Highland spots but pretty good for the Peak. And the second one is right by the pub. Oh and forgot to mention Surprise View. Clue is in the name.

    Premier Icon franksinatra
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    You could get the train up Snowden

    Premier Icon wheelsonfire1
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    OP, Where are you based, how far do you want to travel? It might make the choice more focused.

    Premier Icon thestabiliser
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    Devoke water
    Corney Fell
    Blea Tarn Langdales
    Woodland Fell or Kirkby Moor for the sunset over Blackcoombe
    Tarn Hows (obvious but cracking panoramas)
    Some crackers on the Penrith Alston road
    Garsdale head in the dales
    Must be loads on the south downs

    Premier Icon tomd
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    When I saw this I thought Carlton Bank / Lordstones and Sutton Bank as suggested by Slowol in the North York Moors. Great views from the plateau very close to car park. Danby Beacon another option in the area.

    Premier Icon phiiiiil
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    Bwlch y Groes out the back of Lake Vyrnwy is nice, with a little car park at the viewpoint. As a bonus some of the roads around there are very picturesque too, so would be nice just for a drive out.

    Premier Icon woody2000
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    Looking down over Marsden Moor from Buckstones, lovely

    Premier Icon martinhutch
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    Bowland Knott has a sweeping panorama north to the Dales, as far as the Lakes and over towards Pendle and Winter Hill to the South.

    Premier Icon Jamze
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    There’s a blue badge car park overlooking the valley at Whitehorse Hill, Oxon. Just north of the castle where the trig point is. Lovely up there.

    Premier Icon Greybeard
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    South Stack on Holy Island, Anglesey. Good views of the cliffs, the birds (RSPB observatory), the sea. Geograph.

    Premier Icon endoverend
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    This is a cheeky one but worth knowing about… If you were heading North near the Lakes and looking to treat someone with limited mobility to the highest possible view as a main goal and are happy with a mildly controversial adventurous spirit – then it would be hard to beat the access road up to Great Dunn Fell radar station. A narrow but well surfaced road up to 848M, popular with roadies for the ability to climb up to effectively the same height as some of the Lakes summits. Technically it is a bridleway and not allowed for cars with signs saying so…but as a frequent user I can tell you that cars do occasionally go up to set off walking from, or just for the view – there are only a few small spots to park up though, hard to turn (definately no car park). If you decide to take it on then the only risk would be being confronted by a farmer on the lower slopes, but they’d have to be in particularly foul mood to have an issue with it if you explained the situation and aims. You’d be unlikely to encounter another vehicle higher up. On a clear day one gets a full panorama of the Eden valley with the Lakes off in the distance – not a place to go in bad weather or in winter conditions though as it gets proper harsh up there.

    Premier Icon Midnighthour
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    Sorry for long delay in getting back to this thread, did not expect to be missing so long. Such is life. Apologies.

    Just another thank you to everyone who has kindly taken the trouble to suggest locations.

    The lady in question will be starting her journey from midway between Preston and Leeds, but longer distance suggestions are fine, as she is not ill/sick so has no problems with travel itself – its the walking on rough ground she has problems with, and lots of good viewpoints etc are more than a few hundred yards from car parks.

    Anyway, thanks again folks. All the best.

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon
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    Loch Tulla on the A82 heading upto Glencoe.

    Passed it when driving to Fort William for work once, I was a good 20min late after having to stop to look at the view!

    Premier Icon baddddad
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    If you’re heading dannn sarfff then Walbury Hill is decent. Highest point in South East England
    Walbury Hill

    Premier Icon mrsheen
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    There’s a few parking spaces at the foot of Mam Tor up in the Peak District. There’s steps to the top and I think a longer gentler path nearby.

    Near Mam Tor Bridleway, Hope Valley S33 8WA

    Also near Stockport there’s Bowstones which has great views on a clear day.

    Stockport SK12 2AW

    Pym Chair carpark might be an option. A few others round that area too.
    Pym Chair Car Park
    High Peak SK23 7RF

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    A82, so many awesome places to stop and take in the views.

    Glenelg road over to ferry.

    Some local to me – string road on Arran, Fairlie moor road, views across all the Clyde islands, mull of kintyre, paps of Jura….

    Or just drive the Fred Whitton route…

    Premier Icon swamp_boy
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    Westbury White Horse, Wiltshire – big wide view off the N edge of Salisbury plain.

    Car park / picnic site at the top of Tog Hill S of J18 of the M4. View over Somerset to S Wales. (Go during the day, popular with some very odd people after dark)

    Reigate View point off the A217, just off J8 of the M25

    Odd one perhaps but the view off the crest of the QE2 bridge over the Thames at Dartford is impressive. That’s southbound, northbound is a tunnel.

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