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  • Olympus XZ-1 has a nice lens and sensor, works pretty well in auto but performs better when some of the manual controls are used when a quick exposure is required. f1.8 and a fair amount of zoom means you can control the depth of field well for a small camera. Good video too.


    After a new camera, don’t want to go full DSLR, mainly because of bulk and lack of interest in actual photography. But want something that will do good vids and pics and differentiate from the quality of the camera in my galaxy s, which I actually find quite good. Certainly better than my own old compact.

    Anyway, so far have been looking at canon s100 and panasonic lx5. has anyone any experience of either or any other suggestions please.



    Nikon 1 range will be close to DSLR or Lumix GF5. Compacts which have a larger sensor than normal compacts canon S90/S95/S100?, Panasonic LX5

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    Have a look at the new Olympus TG-1 – full control, f2.0 lens, feature loaded and also waterproof, dirt proof, rugged etc etc. Win.


    I had this ponderance for a camera to take on bivy trips / climbing (when I didn’t want the weight of my SLR). Came down to the LX5 and S95 in the end (looked at the GF2 etc – they’re actually the same size as a small SLR with a proper lens on). The LX5 had noticably inferior image quality (look at a picture of some grass at ISO200 or something – turns to a muddy green mush on the LX5 but still blades of grass on the S95) so I went for the S95 – seems to work well.


    I went through a similar process and came down to the LX5 or S95. For me the superior video of the LX5 was the deciding factor. Both great cameras

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    i bought an lx5, i’m very happy with it.

    for me, the deciding factor was the wide angle lens.

    also, it’s nice and small. it’ll take pictures in the dark. it’s got enough manual stuff to keep me entertained.

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    Got a Sony tx10
    Waterproof, shockproof, HD movies and fantastic pictures
    Seriously impressed with the photo quality, and it’s truly point and shoot
    Had a Panasonic for a while but found it bulky, and shots sometimes out of focus
    Much prefer the Sony

    I have a lumix TZ10. I got it about a year ago for £180. it has HD video and takes stunning photos. also has 12x optical zoom which often comes in real handy


    LX because you can shoot 3 exposure bracketed frames reasonably quickly for post processing HDR. And it has a better filter adapter. And it just looks and feels a cooler camera.


    I recently flogged my Canon DLSR to help pay for extravagant birthday for missus; part of that was getting her a nice compact. I researched like you wouldn’t believe and settled on an Canon IXUS 115HS…it is an incredible camera and although DSLR bring advatgages, as far as a compact images go, it’s fantastic. It’s also got some nice tricks up it’s sleeve that work; action shots etc. It’s NOT loaded with pointless gimmicks either and the panel on the back is clear, with a one button video function which should be standard on all cameras! Colour reproduction is excellent and the ease of use is to be commended. Only cost me 100 from John Lewis; plus they’re available in colours other than pink.

    Google it; you won’t be disappointed!

    All the best, Rich


    Not sure what the coolpix and ixus would offer over my current compact.

    Currently favour the panasonic

    Thanks for the replies


    Before you buy the lumix cover the screen and try to use it, because in bright snowy conditions you can’t see an thing on the screen. Now accidentally press one of the select buttons and see if you can get out of the menu without putting the CD in a computer and reading how too. If you must buy it the first thing to do is not in the insutructions but the vendor told us it’s essential and he’s right – disable the GPS, that’ll cut random menus opening when it’s too bright to see the screen and all you want to do is take a picture but can’t because when the GPS menu is in the screen the shutter realease won’t work.

    You’ll understand that I’m not too happy with the thing and regret not buying another Canon or HP, not to worry though, my phone takes acceptable pics just by opening the cover, pointing it in the right direction and pressing the release button.


    Ixus offers bang per buck; unless you’re going to start fettling, in which case buy a DSLR!

    A lot of compacts are very good now, but a lot are not. If you want point and shoot then go canon IMO.

    Panasonic, sorry, Lumix are ok but have falings as mentioned previously.

    If you think your camera phone takes good pics then I’d advise you stick with that, because it’s ISO, white balance, quality auto settings etc that comes into play with compact cameras and you’d be as well spending £100 on a good modern compact which will provide noticable differences over your phone, rather that over twice as much in a Canon S100, for which (and only judging by your original posting)..you won’t notice much difference!

    One thing I would say irrespective on my views on manufacturer, is IGNORE megapixels, unless you’re planning on printing A3+ pictures.


    I’ve recently got a S95, I wanted something that offered me total control, but without the bulk of my big DSLR’s… so far I’m loving it, although still finding my way around it… slips in the pocket easily, its a nice camera!

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