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  • Help! My mind is befuddled: fork offset.
  • Alpha1653

    So it looks like I’m about to get my hands on a second hand 650b frame. However, I’ll be transferring most of my stuff over from my 26″ bike, including the forks, X Fusion Slant HLRs. Whoop whoop I hear you cry!

    Having tried various 650b wheels, I know that they fit in the fork with plenty of clearance between the tire and arch, and the tire and crown at absolute full compression with a fat 650b Minion. However, the frame is designed around a 46mm offset whereas the forks, designed for 26″ wheels, are 42mm. Whilst I understand that the shorter offset combined with a 650b wheel will slow down the steering by increasing trail, the fork itself will be shorter axle to crown than, for example, an equivalent length Pike by about 8mm, so should quicken the steering.

    My question (out of curiosity more than anything else) is, will the shorter axle to crown of the fork cancel out the shorter offset? Or will the bird stop singing, and the word implode?

    (And before someone suggests it, I don’t have the funds at this present moment to buy a 650b replacement for the Slant HLR!)

    Thanks in advance.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    It’ll ride very slightly differently to how the manufacturer intended


    Premier Icon sillyoldman

    Doubt you’ll ever know as it’s a new bike to you anyway, and as you say the two effects will counteract one another.
    You can always adjust the length of the fork a wee bit by changing sag. 8mm isn’t a lot.

    Enjoy the new bike!


    Excellent, thanks. 😀

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