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  • Help me source Burley trailer parts please!
  • DickBarton

    I recently got the Burley alternative QR hitch for our trailer…had to wait a few weeks until it came into the country – importer is getting all the spares just not the actual trailers. I spoke to my LBS and they put it on order and it arrived at the shop, the day before it was actually due in the country with the supplier! I was chuffed but it wasn't cheap.

    I'd offer you our standard hitch but it fits the other bike so it is currently sitting on that waiting to be used.

    Ebay might be an option? I've now forgotten the importers (I'm wanting to say Fisher but I don't think it is), but give them a shout and they can tell you if the parts are available and then you just contact a shop that deals with the supplier, they put the order in and you get the bits.

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    just to be clear, that qr fitting one is teh 'new standard' hitch. they're supplied on current trailers. i was able to get the 'old standard' quite easily from sjs cycles, but i guess this may be the one they get in as a spare nowadays.


    Seems there's a problem with the Burley importer to the UK, hence making my Trailer conversion to a Burley hitch quite hard!

    I'm after:
    A few standard hitches

    One flex connector for square towbar

    I've even tried several US shops but they won't post to the UK!

    Anyone's local sell burley kit and would be willing to help out would be ace!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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