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  • Help me finish speccing my Enduro!
  • Premier Icon tmb467

    Did the same recently and I ended up with a 36 Van on the front – you dont need a lot of steerer really (i have 210mm and its about 40mm too much but hey, I can live with it – just put spacers above the stem)

    got the DHX 4.0 shimmed and serviced by Loco and its great now
    Hope M4s front and rear
    going 1×10 34 front and 11-36 rear
    all bearings, bottom bracket and headset were replaced cheaply but can be upgraded when I have the cash
    stem and bars are short and wide (respectively) but cheap… now I’m happy with the position I may replace em with better quality (and I may shorten the steerer)

    tyres are personal – I have on-ones (2.25 at the back and 2.4 at the front) No problems with clearance

    when I have the cash I’ll replace the wheels with better quality but it rides ok if a bit heavy. I can ride it uphill tho, so dont mind the excess weight, and it goes down like a …blah blah blah (well, better than I can anyway)

    and I got it re-coated too…its ace


    Brilliant buy! I’ve always loved these bikes.

    1) Don’t ignore some of the left field choices like Magura’s Wotan (which I have and I love for it’s simplicity of maintenance) or the Marzocchi 55cr which can be had for half of the price of a new 36 Float. Travel adjust is useful, but by no means a prerequisite on these bikes.

    2) Purgatorys or similar would be spot on.

    3) Personal choice and bling factor I guess.

    4) Renthal! Or Nukeproof, Easton Havoc etc

    5) Nothing wrong with XT brakes at all. You might want larger rotors though, maybe 200mm front and 180 at the back.

    6) A chain device is desirable, but you’ll struggle to find one that’s 3×9/10. For not a lot of money (circa £25) you could fit a Blackspire Stinger which will allow you the use of two rings and a bashgaurd.


    I’ve got an 05 SX Trail which was pretty much the same as the previous generation Enduro aside from a beefier head tube and bb shell (both were the same as the Demo 8).

    Mine is set up with Fox 36 Van RC2’s which seem to suit the bike pretty well.

    I found that I had to have a spacer fitted to the rear shock to give it a bit more support and stop it blowing through its travel.

    I run Hans Dampfs on mine…they’re pretty chunky and seem to be holding up well. The 2.35 Maxxis tyres theyreplaced looked lost in the frame and the forks.

    The Nano pedals are really good. The bb is quite low on these so you’ll get a few rock strikes. The fact that the pedals are cheap mean I don’t cry when I do hit a rock.

    Short stem and wide bars do suit the bikes…they seem to respond well to being thrown about a bit.

    Although I am about to replace mine, they are great bikes. Enjoy!

    I run XT 785’s with a 200mm front and a 180mm rear rotor which seem to stop the SX pretty well.

    I’d definitely run it single ring. I use mine as my everything bike and it’s generally fine.

    So i got an 06 S-Works Enduro frame with an rp23 for cheap of the bay. It seemed like a good idea given all the great things ive read about them and the fact i have a donor bike sitting not doing much since i got my Soul. I though i would transfer over all the bits upgraded on my old Rockhopper frame (PROII/5.1’s, XT Groupset, Gravity Crank/50mm Stem). With a view to use the bike for uplifts and hopefully some holidays.

    Help me spec the rest of it please!

    1. Fork: 2nd hand Fox Van or Float 36 / Lyrik? Is it worth looking for a Talas given the bikes intended usage? How much worse/heavier are they? From the diagrams ive calculated i need at least 160mm of steerer to fit the hope headset and gravity stem with 0 spacers. Anyone can confirm?
    2. Tyres: I’m thinking either RQ BC’s, Hans Dampf’s or Purg / Butcher. Should I be looking for something bigger like a 2.4-5?
    3. Pedals: Nano or Saint?
    4. Bar: Carbon or Renthal?
    5. Brakes: Could do with an upgrade tbh, I really like my XT785’s on the soul or should I look for some 2nd hand m4’s/Saints? 180/160 or 200/180? (My 785’s stop me on a dime with 160’s tbh i find it hard to believe i could need more power O.o)
    6. Chainset/Device: Leave it as 3×9 or go 1×9? Do i need a chain device if i stay 3×9/which one?

    Alternatively just tear my whole spec/plans/dreams to pieces 🙂



    PS: anyone wanna buy a 17″ hopper frame and reba 120 SL for 150 squid? 8)

    Sorry for necro but another q if you please, what fitting standard do i need to use for a Stinger then? Have no exp with these so would rather not get the wrong one ^^


    Premier Icon Tracey

    Ive got a stinger for sale that came of my 06 Enduro when I stripped it down to sell it. Will come with the mounting bolts

    Rob Hilton

    BB Mount, think I’ve got one in my junk spares bin if you want a used one.

    Out of interest how much did you pay for the Enduro frame?

    Premier Icon Tracey

    The one on my old Enduro had three bolts to mount it to the frame

    mr plow

    Yeah – think they are ISCG old – not ISCG 05.


    Definitely old ISCG. It took Spesh a fair while to jump on the ISCG05 bandwagon.

    Thanks, ygm tracey 🙂

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