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  • Help me choose a mobile phone handset
  • chakaping
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    Getting a new contract with Three and faced with choice of an array of handsets. I’m pretty gadget-phobic, so have no idea which to pick.

    Currently have a Nokia 6120 but battery life is too short and it seems a bit unstable. Crashes quite often.

    Don’t care about camera, mp3s, games – just want to call and text. Can anyone recommend/warn me off of the handsets below…

    INQ 1.0
    LG U300
    LG U400
    LG U830
    LG U890
    Moto V3X
    Moto V3XX
    Nokia 3120
    Nokia 6120
    Nokia 6151
    Nokia 6233
    Nokia 6280
    Nokia 6288
    Nokia 6500S
    Nokia 7390
    Nokia E61
    Nokia N73
    SAM L770
    SAM Light Edge
    SEM K530i
    SEM K610i
    SEM K660i
    SEM K800i
    SEM W660i
    SEM W910i
    SEM Z610i
    SEM Z750i
    Skype 2

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    Most SE and Nokia phones are pretty intuitive in use, although i think the N73 is pish.

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    My SE K800i battery lasts longer than my current, two week old Nokia 6500 slide.

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    Thanks guys.

    Anybody got any more general preferences on Nokia vs LG vs SEM?

    Three were trying to push their own spec Skype phone on me. I don’t use Skype but the guy said it was still the best one on the list.

    No idea if that was BS and simply because it’s the cheapest for them to supply.

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    How much are you paying for your contract, with what included?

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    £15pcm, 500 texts or minutes

    plus handset included

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    Shop around- this is quivelant to £6.70 a month, if you are happy to do cashback deals.

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    Cheers, but I’ve considered cashback deals and they’re not for me. I have too much paperwork that I don’t have time to do as it is!

    Decided on Three as tariff and price seems competitive, and already take mobile broadband from them which has been good.

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    I’ve got a 6500s and it’s a good phone, now’t flash. But just got a 6301 work phone and actually prefer the look of that, but by the looks of your list you can’t have that yet.

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    BIG BIG BIg 2nd to the sony K800i love um have 2 know, ok you may not need the camera but it is there for those moments when some chav hits your car ect and it cannot be any easier to use,

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    Think I’m down to either the SE K800i or W660i.

    Probably leaning towards the 660 as I can find less negative comments.

    Cheers for your help guys.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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