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  • HELP!!! KICKR Power Lead Issue
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    Hi Guys,

    I’ve somehow managed to pull out the power lead jack from within the internal where it sits in the plastic compartment, next to the flywheel.

    It’s virtually impossible to reconnect without fully removing the flywheel unless anyone knows away of getting around this issue.

    Couldn’t believe it, disconnected as usual and the whole lot just came out, I wasn’t even heavy handed with it.

    For info – its the latest gen.



    Premier Icon benmotogp46
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    Disregard – I have fixed it.

    But to answer my own question for any others facing the same issue:

    Rather than disassembling the whole unit to access the circuitboard, I taped a torch on top of the flywheel (beneath the handle) and after feeding the jack back in, gently prised the plastic guard back to make a gap between that and the flywheel. I could then guide the jack in place to the circuit board connector and with a metal skewer, gently pushed the jack up to click it back in place.

    For such a simple issue, it seems crazy that access to this area has been made so difficult.

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