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  • help… iphone 5 on vodaphone or o2?
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    Vodaphone have excellent coverage for voice but shocking for data, I’ve been with them for years but it’s now to the point it almost makes it pointless having smartphone at times.

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    o2 is better than vodafone in west devon but no idea about way down west.

    sorry if this is a bit of a boring question, but going to order up an iphone and the two best deals for me are on either vodaphone or 02 – similar minutes and give or take 250mb difference of data allowance vodaphone being best at 750. anyone have any views on either?

    currently got my phone of giffgaff which uses 02 and the coverage is great, better than orange/tmobile who i’ve had before, 3g a bit iffy.

    never had vodaphone.


    Get a Vodafone PAYG sim and bung it in your current phone. Test it back to back with your current Giffgaff.

    Giffgaff is an O2 MVNO, so no difference there.

    After the fun and games I’ve just had with Orange and lousy signal resulting in cancelled contracts, I’ll be trying out every PAYG sim I can get my hands on, and going with whichever operator is the strongest signal at home, as I use mobiles in lieu of a landline.


    O2 and Vodafone share a network. Choose based on features. The coverage is the same.


    I always go Vodafone but buy through Quidco, i got £150 when i got my iP4 2yr ago and £140 cash back when i bought an iP5 a few months back. Same contracts as listed on the sites, same costs upfront (1-off cost for particular phones) but a whole heap of money back in your account within 3 months.

    Did the same on a sim-only deal, another £40 for something that was a good deal already.


    Im sat here tippy tappying away on my 5, seriously I’m an apple lover but the 5 is shit! Sit it next to my 4 in an area where data connection isn’t perfect and the 4 skins it everytime. Also had to have it swapped and also purged from the network recently. Utter shit! Go 4s on a cheaper deal or go for one of those android jobbies…


    Go on O2. Drop me a line and (assuming its a consumer pay monthly phone) I’ll give you 30% off the monthly line rental because I work for them and I get shed loads of discounts to give away.


    O2 because they sand us flowers and always check to make sure they have us on the best deal. And because their TuGo app means that if you have no GSM signal you can still use your phone to send and receive calls/texts over wifi. And because they are great.


    o2 then you canput a giffgaff sim in it

    Of you fancy trusting a complete stranger I can get you 20% off a Vodafone contract over £20 per month.

    I don’t work for them but it’s a “corporate perk” so email me if you fancy it (I just have to fill in a form online )


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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