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  • Help – carbon steerer star nut/bung question!
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    **Guess Alert**

    bolt on the topcappy thing of the bung you posted up there looks to have a spring on, which would stabilise the “loose” washer and maybe use it as a footing to avoid damaging the actual bung bit

    Why they’d want a spring there is a bit beyond me though – keeps the bung compress to allow it to be pulled out/shoved in a bit easier ??


    Hi there, I’ve just picked up a set of forks off here with a carbon steerer tube, but not sure what’s going with them in terms of using a star fangled nut (which I’ve heard is a no no with carbon steerers?

    I’ve taken some pics to help explain.

    Photo 1: this is a shot down the tube showing what looks like a metal collar fixed inside the tube with a static washer with a hole in it

    Photo 2: this a separate washer that came with the fork and seems to be able to fit in the tube to sit on top of the collar ie it sits on top of the collar in a stacked fashion

    Photo 3: this is a carbon steerer bung I believe included with the forks

    So what the hell’s going on? If it has this mad collar/washer already installed, can I just fit a bolt and top cap? Does the extra washer need to go in the tube too? Or do I need to use the bung only? I though you use the bung if there’s nothing else within the tube ie no metal collar gizmo installed?

    Help please!

    Photo 1:

    IMG_6102 by :manilow:, on Flickr

    Photo 2:

    IMG_6103 by :manilow:, on Flickr

    Photo 3:

    IMG_6101 by :manilow:, on Flickr

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